PS5: How to Customize Your Notifications


Players can choose when and which notifications appear while they use their PlayStation 5. There are two methods to customize notification settings.

The PlayStation 5 has just launched, and players are likely taking time to customize and set up their system to meet their unique needs and preferences. The new next-generation console comes jam-packed with new features, from the new and highly anticipated DualSense controller that better immerses players in their games to the near-instant loading times thanks to a new internal SSD. Players can receive notifications to their console, just like a smartphone. They can also customize which notifications are allowed to bother them while gaming and which they would like to ignore.

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When using the default notification settings, PlayStation 5 will notify players about everything from new Trophies to Friend Requests and Game Invitations. Players who would prefer not to be disturbed by certain kinds of notifications can select which ones to keep and which to hide. They can also turn off all notifications if they would prefer, or choose to only see certain notifications during certain times. Here’s how to customize notification settings on the PlayStation 5 to meet every gamer’s unique needs.

How to Customize PlayStation 5 Notifications


Normally, when players receive a notification on PlayStation 5, they will receive a popup. These can show up any time, even when a player is in the middle of the game. There are two ways to change or customize notifications to decide if and when players will be pinged about achievements, messages, or requests.

The easiest way is to use the PlayStation Button on the controller, which will open the Control Panel menu. Then, navigate to Notifications and toggle the Do Not Disturb – Mute all pop-ups option On. This will turn off all popup notifications without many nuances. If players still want to be notified about certain things, or want notifications to appear any time they aren’t actively gaming, they will need to enter the Notification Settings menu. They can do this by hovering over Do Not Disturb and selecting Options. Players will be taken to the Notifications menu.

It is also possible to customize notification settings via the Settings menu. On the home screen, in the upper-right corner, players will see a gear icon. Select this, then scroll almost to the end of the Settings list to find Notifications. In the resulting list, players can see every possible type of notification. Selecting each one will allow the player to decide whether they want to turn off all popups for the notification, always leave them on, or keep them on only during certain times, like when actively gaming or during video playback.

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