PS5 Owner Turns Console Into Seto Kaiba From Yu-Gi-Oh


One brilliant PlayStation 5 owner has printed, painted, and mounted the head of Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! onto their brand-new console.

When the PS5‘s design was revealed, its white angular colors reminded gamers of Yu-Gi-Oh!’s antagonist, Seto Kaiba, and one brilliant console owner has brought that meme to life. The PS5 has been compared to the likes of portfolio binders, internet routers, and architecture, but its resemblance to Kaiba is the most uncanny.

Seto Kaiba isn’t a villain, per se, but he is definitely Yugi’s rival. If Kaiba is the PS5, then Yugi is the Xbox Series X. While farfetched, it is possible that Sony could have drawn inspiration for its current-gen console’s design from the 2000s Japanese anime, and the characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! have personalities that reflect that of the current-gen consoles. Yami Yugi is a bright and happy-go-lucky duelist who strives to be the best, similar to the Xbox Series S. However, he has to call upon the power of Yu-Gi-Oh, Xbox Series X, when his powers aren’t strong enough. And Yugi continually faces off against his rival Kaiba, or the PS5, who holds himself to higher standards than the average duelist.

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Above all else, the PS5 looks like Seto Kaiba. One PS5 owner known as linahasanxiety on Twitter has taken it upon herself to 3D print and hand paint a bust of Seto Kaiba’s head to mount onto her console. One of the videos Lina posted shows the finished product proudly displayed between the shoulders of the PS5. When the video zooms in, it’s hard to tell if it’s a PS5 or a Kaiba action figure. Lina states in a later tweet that the head takes roughly 48 hours to print, so there is some serious dedication behind making this meme a reality.

Lina has taken the saying “Don’t let your memes be memes” pretty literally, and that seems to be a trend for this generation of consoles. Similar to when the Xbox Series X was revealed, gamers immediately likened it to a refrigerator. Instead of ignoring this meme, Microsoft made and distributed a literal Xbox Series X fridge to Snoop Dog and other internet personalities. That was then followed up by a giveaway where one lucky Xbox fan could in an actual Series X fridge.

While it would be incredible if Sony teamed up with the creators of Yu-Gi-Oh! to produce a limited edition Kaiba PS5, this impressive makeshift model will do just fine. After all, no one expected to actually see a Seto Kaiba head mounted on a current-gen PlayStation, yet here it is, making the very specific dreams of some gamers come true.

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Source: linahasanxiety

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