PS5 Weddings Aren’t Allowed, According To PlayStation


The PlayStation UK Twitter account pokes a bit of fun at a surprising trend, stating that any PS5 weddings or marriages are not allowed.

PlayStation UK has put a damper on the hopes of some fans hoping to marry their PS5, offering up a public service announcement that clarifies that it is not possible. Given the scarcity of the PlayStation 5 currently, consumers are much more worried about owning a console rather than attempting to wed one, as units have been difficult to find after PS5 pre-orders initially sold out, with the limited restocks on the horizon sure to be hotly contested by thousands – if not millions – of potential owners.

Much of the social media discussion around PS5 has actually been decidedly less light-hearted – even before release, reviewers with early console access reported a PS5 storage glitch issue that had the potential to brick the console. Now, users are attempting to figure out why their PS5 controller isn’t charging while in rest mode, a problem that stems from the front USB port of the console but thankfully can often be solved by simply using the rear port instead. Unfortunately for the brand, there hasn’t even been much to discuss in terms of exclusive games to distract from these early hiccups – the storage glitch is implicitly tied to Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which is available on PS4 anyways, and the only launch exclusive is basically Demon’s Souls.

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Perhaps the surprisingly stagnant launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X is why their respective social media teams appear to be working hard to engage with fans, often with success. PlayStation UK tweeted out a reply to an article from Push Square on PS5 marriage proposals, letting it take the form of a public service announcement reminding consumers they cannot marry their PS5. It’s a funny take on the kind of passion that leads fans to go through the many hoops they needed to jump through in order to own a PS5 at launch, and many responses to the tweet are now taking it as a challenge.

So, as clarified by PlayStation UK, fans are not allowed to marry their PS5s, at least according to the Twitter account. To be fair, it’s unlikely that a brand’s social media team is intimately familiar with marriage law, so while the PSA is good life advice, there are probably a few places someone could marry a PS5 if they really wanted. While it’s certainly a joke, too, the current climate surrounding PS5 owners – who have been trying to put PS4 discs into their PS5 for some reason – suggests it might be a good idea to remind them just in case.

Of course, that person would have to own a PS5 first, which is proving to be about as likely as meeting a soulmate. With just a few chances left before the holiday season and a lot of gamers eager to own their piece of current-gen technology, it wouldn’t be surprising if those who do manage to get a console last minute feel pretty strongly about it – though hopefully not enough to attempt to marry a PS5 all the same.

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Source: PlayStation UK

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