Rick & Morty Season 5 Features The Return of Space Beth


Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon reveals that Space Beth will return for season 5, as the acclaimed show prepares to unleash “epic canon.”

Rick and Morty season 5 includes the return of Space Beth, co-creator Dan Harmon reveals. Sprung from the twisted minds of Harmon and Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty mocks overused sci-fi tropes but also mines them for both humor and commentary on human nature.

Given that the show’s lead character Rick Smith is a mad scientist it’s no surprise Rick and Morty has tackled cloning, one of the most popular and at times frustrating of all those well-worn sci-fi clichés. Indeed, the show mocked the convenience of cloning as a plot move in one of its most pivotal episodes, “The ABCs of Beth,” which saw a conflicted Rick creating a copy of his daughter Beth and then deliberately making himself forget which Beth was the clone and which was real. One of the two Beths later left for space to have adventures, becoming an interstellar rebel dubbed “Space Beth,” who returned to Earth in season 4’s finale “Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri” with designs on killing Rick and Earth Beth. But in true Rick and Morty fashion, things took a twist as Space Beth teamed up with Earth Beth to help Rick, with unexpected assistance from the normally useless Jerry.

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Though Rick and Morty is generally reluctant to revisit characters and storylines over the course of seasons, preferring instead to subvert audience expectations at every turn, creator Harmon assures fans that Space Beth does indeed return in the upcoming season 5. Appearing on the Rick and Morty Global Celebration Panel as part of Adult Swim‘s 2020 Festival, Harmon said (via Digital Spy), “There’s pretty groovy things coming regarding Beth… Space Beth was not a one-off character. That’s a thing that could have been the case.”


Indeed it seems season 5 in general will have fewer standalone episodes and more canon-exploring developments, as teased by producer/writer Scott Marder who said, “There’s epic canon in season five coming. Fans are gonna like get knocked over by the canon we’re about to hit them with.” Again, this being Rick and Morty, it’s certain that the show’s “epic canon” will feature developments fans don’t see coming at all. In addition to the on-going question of which Beth is real, there’s still a huge mystery surrounding the character of Evil Morty, a version of Morty whose true role in the multiverse has yet to be revealed.

Obviously it would be premature to suggest that season 5 will offer up any solutions to any of the show’s lingering questions, as it’s become obvious Harmon and company are not interested in fan service on any level, but only care about exploring their own crazy ideas no matter where they lead. That Harmon would bring back Space Beth only shows that he still thinks the whole clone Beth premise has value when it comes to exploring the relationship between Rick and his daughter, a relationship that has only become more complicated as the show has gone on (indeed, Space Beth wanted to kill Rick, which is about as complicated as things get). It will be fascinating to see how things evolve with Space Beth, Earth Beth and Rick – and even Jerry – when Rick and Morty season 5 finally arrives.

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Source: Adult Swim (via Digital Spy)

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