Season 4’s 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Episodes, Ranked By IMDb


On Comedy Central’s hilarious- although now sadly ended- show Broad City, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer play the best friends forever Abbi and Ilana. Focused- in the big picture- about what it’s like to be in your 20s in New York City, it also takes a deep look at what friendship actually means. It’s one of the funniest shows to come out in the last decade- it rarely holds back any punches in either its humor or its examination of what anything means.

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As the two try to make their way through their lives as best they can, the frequently over-the-top comedy -the kind that doesn’t hold back for fear someone will think it’s crude or gross- does an outstanding job of showcasing what it’s like to be in their shoes.

10 Worst: Mushrooms: Episode 4- 7.3

broad city mushrooms


Abbi and Ilana mix shrooms and yogurt with the intention of coming up with the best way to trip ever. They wander around a city that’s now animated, having the kind of conversations only they can have and doing crazier than usual (even for them) stuff.

Abbi’s boss sends her a message to bring something for a party, and after Abbi has a small freakout, they get the snacks and take them to the party. They start to come down while they’re at the party, and things start to go wrong pretty much immediately.

9 Worst: Witches: Episode 6- 7.7

As winter is starting to descend on the city, Abbi finds her first gray hair and doesn’t take it well. Ilana’s well-intentioned but counterproductive statement that’s she’s becoming a witch doesn’t sit well.

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Abbi, now unemployed, goes to sell cards on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, only to meet a woman there doing the same- with all the same things for her setup that Abbi has causing her to have nightmare visions of her future. Ilana, meanwhile, has to face some very private issues head-on, and comes to a realization about what has caused them.

8 Worst: Just the Tips: Episode 3- 7.8

Abbi and Ilana let a man choke when, after already saving him through the bars of the private Gramercy Park one time, he won’t give them a tour. After a day of treating herself with her newfound wealth from her job at the posh restaurant Ilana attends a party with Eliot, Jaime, and Abbi.

Things go wrong the whole time their there- Jaime meets a hot guy but is having some… personal problems (which for him to be pulling away from someone, means they’re serious), Abbi tries to help a stranger with relationship advice only to have own realization, and Ilana reaps the downside of her new getup only to be saved a little too late by Lincoln.

7 Worst: Bedbugs: Episode 9- 7.9

Ilana's bedbug problem

Abbi, still jobless, struggles to come up with cash in contrast to Ilana, who is going more than a little crazy with her new-found wealth from her job at a fancy restaurant.

One of these gifts is a bag for Abbi that cost more than her rent- but Ilana returns home to bestow a gift on Jaime only to discover that not only have they gotten bedbugs, the culprit is the cash tips from her job. Which, has, in fact, been forced to close down because of the infestation. Ilana is now not only out of work, but she’s forced to burn all of her money to rid herself of its bugs.

6 Best: Twaining Day: Episode 2- 7.9

Abbi's paramedic boyfriend Mike

Abbi starts work at her new job at a graphic design firm, only to find out to her displeasure that it’s less graphic design and more running errands for her new boss. Ilana goes to a job interview Jaime set up for her, only for the maître d’- played by Ru-Paul!- to tell her he isn’t mean enough.

She proves him wrong. Abbi is saved from a day of boring errands by going to Soulstice to pick up a package (thus avoiding making another trip to the strange island where only Garol seems to reside), and manages to wrangle her way into helping Trey train the new client- Shania Twain!

5 Best: Friendiversary: Episode 10- 8.0

The season finale wraps up where it started- focused on the day they met. Their Friendiversary is here, and Ilana has a big day in store. She sends Abbi on a scavenger hunt, covertly following her the whole way to its conclusion. It turns out Abbi had no idea what was going on, and lies about big plans later to soothe Ilana’s feelings.

While Abbi is attempting to fudge her way through the evening, they think they see a murder and go on what amounts to another scavenger hunt trying to solve it- including Ilana using her charms to get an elderly doorman to let them in.

4 Best: House-Sitting: Episode 8- 8.0

lincoln Ilana broad city

Everyone is ecstatic when Ilana ends up house-sitting an actual house, a luxury almost unheard of. Abbi comes over with her laundry, shortly followed by Jaime with his own. Soon enough Lincoln- who Ilana explains she is back with- comes over.

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Abbi’s former teacher shows up and says he used to think she was hot when he taught her, and things get creepy between the two of them pretty quickly.

3 Worst: Abbi’s Mom: Episode 5- 7.8

Abbi talking to her mother

Abbi and Ilana feverishly clean Abbi’s apartment- Abbi’s mom Joanne is coming, and she has to pretend her life in New York is less of a mess than it is, and apparently, that starts with not looking like a slob. Ilana is depressed, and their boring NYC plans aren’t helping. Joanne shows up and reveals she has a lump in her breast.

Joanne spends the rest of the episode freaking out both friends with her newfound sexual awakening that’s come to be because of her fear of the future, which in its own weird way makes Ilana come to some realizations about herself.

2 Best: Sliding Doors: Episode 1- 8.1

broad city sliding doors

This season opener goes back in time to 2011, where it shows us two possibilities for the way they met. It starts with Abbi and Ilana both running to make a train and when Abbi’s card doesn’t have enough cash to get her through the turnstile, Illana helpfully swipes her through, only to jump the barrier herself.

From that point on until the end, we follow two separate timelines- one where they make their train and go their separate ways and one where they miss their train and start chatting on the platform. You learn which timeline is the real one when the fake second one is abruptly and dramatically ended and the real timeline continues on.

1 Best: Florida: Episode 7- 8.1

Abbi and Ilana go to Florida with Ilana’s mom Sandi and her brother Eliot to clean out Sandi’s mother’s condo after she passes away. Sandi’s sister Bev- Fran Drescher!- meets them there. To their surprise, while they’re wandering around the retirement community Abbi and Ilana realize just how much they like the green and the open spaces compared to their cramped life in the city.

They manage to convince the residents of the community to vote to allow them to live there even though they’re too young, but reality comes crashing down when they find out why their bid won.

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