Spencer Robertson’s Friend Claims Producers Made Him A Villain


Spencer won Tayshia’s first impression rose but failed to impress The Bachelorette men. His La Jolla friend thinks he’s getting the villain edit.

Tayshia Adams from The Bachelorette seemed to meet her match when she gave Spencer Robertson her first impression rose and first kiss, but some fans consider him a villain now, and Spencer’s friend thinks it’s the show’s producers who are painting him in a bad light. Fans are currently wondering if he might replace Yosef Aborady as the villain of The Bachelorette season 16. Does “hot, hot, hot” Spencer, who made Tayshia giggle, deserve the mean tweets that popped up after his joke about Clare Crawley?

Four episodes in, Bachelor Nation got itself a new leading lady, after Clare and Dale Moss’ surprising exit from The Bachelorette. While Dale was the first to get Clare’s rose too, a lot rides on Spencer for being Tayshia’s first choice. Spoilers may suggest that Spencer is not as lucky as Dale, but 30-year-old Spencer may walk away with The Bachelorette 2020’s villain title. “So, which one of you guys scared away Clare?” joked Spencer, and the 16 men felt their repressed Crawley memories resurface. Boy band manager Kenny claimed that Spencer would get all the roses, but soon thought that Robertson getting hit in the face during splashball was “fitting.” Did the water treatment engineer really throw attitude on his very first episode of The Bachelorette? It’s Spencer’s long-time friend who’s hinting that ABC producers have “sliced and diced” his scenes to add drama.

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The Bachelorette contestant, who’s also a San Diego-based engineer, had his friend Caz Morawski spill a few of his secrets to LaJolla Light. Spencer is supposed to have moved from Arizona to La Jolla at age 12. Robertson went on to attend the University of Oregon before taking off for San Diego. Spencer’s friend Caz revealed that he is “a great guy” who’s “driven, entrepreneurial and is constantly doing something.” Caz added, “He’s not one to sit back and wait.” The friend also confessed that Tayshia’s suitor has “that SoCal vibe” but is also one that goes out and about, “making things happen.”

Spencer Robertson Tayshia Rose In The Bachelorette 2


However, when asked about the animosity that the rest of The Bachelorette contestants have developed for Spencer, Caz blames it all on the reality show’s approach to editing show contestant Spencer Robertson. “I think producers made him out to be more of a villain that he is,” noted the man. Spencer made a comment when he walked in, which he apparently does “from time to time,” according to his friend. Caz confessed, “Some people might think it’s funny, but others might be sensitive about it.” He did speak about Spencer being “competitive” and felt that some of the other The Bachelorette men, “might have been threatened by him.” However, he does speak about Spencer getting along with most of the people he meets. “If it was a normal situation, just a party or something, he would get along with everyone,” he shared, before adding that Tayshia’s “hot” comment might also come as a shock to Robertson.

The Bachelorette front-runner might get “a big surprise when he sees” the scene, which has thankfully not been “sliced and diced” for dramatic effect (like some of his footage reportedly is). Still, Spencer faces major competition from another new entrant on the ABC show, Noah Erb, who is a mustachioed bachelor who also carries villain energy. The trailer teased Noah as the negative fellow but who will it be that breaks Tayshia’s heart, or steals it? This The Bachelorette season could become even more shocking. Only time (and the producers) will tell!

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The Bachelorette season 16 airs Tuesdays at 8pm EST on ABC.

Source: La Jolla Light

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