Tayshia Chose This Man, According To Reality Steve (Spoilers!)


As usual, Reality Steve recently revealed who Tayshia Adams will give her final rose to, all before her first appearance on the franchise.

Clare Crawley “blew up” The Bachelorette and fans are wondering if Tayshia Adams will do the same, especially after hearing her say she believed her husband was in the room of men she met on night one. However, Reality Steve revealed the season, allegedly, follows the normal format, ending with Tayshia giving out a final rose. It sure seems to be going the regular route, considering night one held a meet and greet with Tayshia, plus one-on-one time with all the old (and new) guys.

Following her big entrance, Tayshia’s first group date saw the men playing basketball in the pool. Similar to Clare’s experience, Tayshia got to see some tension between the men and newcomer Spencer, who received the first impression rose. Tayshia’s first one-on-one date with contestant Brendan Morais, a fellow divorcee, proved he was a serious contender for her heart. Although their date remained within the resort, the two were still able to horseback ride, swim, and have deep conversations over a candlelit dinner, which, of course, ended with fireworks.

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But how does the rest of the season play out and who does Tayshia end up with? Bachelor Nation has quite a few more weeks to find out the full truth, but Reality Steve already released spoilers on who he believes wins the final rose. Reality Steve explained he didn’t get the confirmation he needed on Tayshia’s final man until November 4. He predicts the final four will be Ivan, Zac C., Brendan, and Ben Smith. He claims Brendan leaves the show voluntarily due to not being over his divorce, which was finalized one year ago. However, he doesn’t know if this occurs during the final three or four because he also doesn’t know for sure who the final three and four are, though he’s fairly sure Brendan and Ivan each claim one of those spots. That means Zac C. and Ben Smith are the final two. So, who wins it all?


Reality Steve says the final rose allegedly went to Zac C., but he and Tayshia didn’t get engaged. According to him, Zac C. was the only man who professed his love to Tayshia and opened up. Ben Smith didn’t. Unfortunately, according to Reality Steve, Tayshia wanted neither man. She was stuck on Brendan, who chose to go home instead of sticking it out to the end.

According to Steve, he’s unsure whether or not Zac C. and Tayshia are even together currently. It’s possible they broke up soon after Tayshia’s finale was filmed. Unfortunately, Bachelor Nation may only get one love story this season: Clare and Dale.

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The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

Source: Reality Steve

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