Tesla No Longer Selling Cheapest Model 3


Tesla recently removed an option for customers to purchase a $35,000 version of its Model 3 sedan, as its 2021 fleet begins to roll out.

Tesla has continued its recent mode of operation by subtly adjusting the available purchase options on its website, this time in regards to its Model 3 sedan. With the rolling out of 2021 models, the Model 3 will not longer be available to purchase for $35,000, a standard range option previously obtainable through a slight workaround for customers.

Tesla’s Model 3 sedan debuted with much acclaim in 2017 as the automaker’s most affordable option by far. Since that point, the Model 3 has become the brightest star in Tesla’s universe and currently sits as the best-selling electric vehicle (EV) in history. Long before any Model 3s were ever delivered, Tesla CEO Elon Musk began promising a $35,000 option to customers, but with little proof of progress. That was until 2019, when the American automaker finally delivered a $35k option called the “Standard Range” Model 3. Just a few months later, however, this Standard Range version disappeared from Tesla’s website, although some customers still found a way to purchase it.

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According to Electrek, Tesla used a sneaky workaround to avoid selling the Standard Range option directly to consumers, while still being able to claim they sold a $35,000 Tesla as promised. While it stopped listing the $35,000 version of the Model 3 on its website, it would sell a $38,000 Model 3 “Standard Range Plus” with some features software-locked for a $3,000 discount. This option wasn’t available to purchase on Tesla’s website, but savvy customers were able to purchase the $35,000 Model 3 over the phone or at one of the automakers brick and mortar locations. The $35k option has been available for about eighteen months, but it appears that, as of recently, this “secret menu” item has been discontinued.

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As of now, the least expensive Model 3 available on Tesla’s website is the Standard Range Plus for $37,990 with zero customizations. Sources familiar with this Model 3 pricing matter told Electrek that Tesla has informed its staff that they were no longer allowed to downgrade any 2021 Model 3 EVs to Standard Range in order to reach the price point of $35,000. That being said, any 2020 Model 3 EVs that are still in stock can still have their software downgraded to reach the $35k price, just not any new models moving forward.

Clearly Tesla does not want to sell its Model 3 for that low of a price, although the company promised it for years. Once again, the EV manufacturer has made an internal change regarding its fleet sales without any true explanation. This is another furtively calculated change made by Tesla in the past couple months without any PR team in place to offer insight. Without proper explanations, consumers are left to speculate why Tesla can’t afford that price point as promised? Furthermore, Elon Musk has already promised a $25,000 Tesla to come in the next few years, but that pledge could lose some merit with Tesla fans, considering the automaker barely delivered on its first pricing pact.

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Source: Electrek

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