The 10 Most Confusing Things About Quidditch


Quidditch is the most beloved sport in the wizarding world and has been for years, but what about this Harry Potter game is actually really confusing?

Within the wizarding world of Harry Potter, no sport is more popular and more beloved than that of Quidditch. The game of Quidditch has been around and popularized for nearly a millennium, which is both impressive but also confusing.

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It’s confusing mostly because there are so many aspects to the game that are confusing in itself. Many of the rules, regulations, and basic concepts that drive the game actually don’t seem to make a lot of sense. And while it’s not at all unusual for something in the wizarding world to defy the laws of basic common sense, here are just a few elements of the game of Quidditch that are downright illogical.

10 Intentional Frustrations


It might seem as though Quidditch is nonsensical, baffling, and a bit difficult to even comprehend, let alone play. And it seems that way because that is exactly the way it was intended.

Apparently Harry Potter author JK Rowling came up with some of the concepts and rules behind Quidditch after she had gotten in a fight with her boyfriend, and she designed many of the rules to be intentionally confusing and frustrating.

9 A Contact Sport

Marcus Flint and Angelina Johnson playing Quidditch

As a rule, witches and wizards are not allowed to use their wands while playing Quidditch, although they are allowed to take them onto the pitch with them.

However, with that in mind, the fact that Quidditch actually allows physical contact between players despite the fact that they don’t have their wands at the ready seems dangerous. What happens if someone winds up getting knocked off their broom?

8 Seven Hundred Fouls

Gryffyndor Quidditch

Obviously every sport has rules, and typically each game will have fouls that represent specific rule infractions in the game. And in any muggle sport, most people would expect for there to be maybe a dozen fouls for a game.

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However, in the game of Quidditch, there are seven hundred different fouls in the game. It’s mystifying how it would even be possible to break rules in seven hundred different ways.

7 Oddball Offenses

harry potter quidditch world cup

Quidditch is a game that has existed in the wizarding world for centuries, and different, more basic versions of it have existed for even longer than that.

However, some of the fouls that have been enforced are beyond what most people would even think is possible in a sport, including absurd fouls like attacking an opponent with an axe, attempted decapitation, and transfiguration of a player into a polecat. How could anyone even accomplish these things while flying on a broom?

6 The Mysteries Of Fouls


One of the most interesting and illogical quirks of Quidditch is that while there are seven hundred different fouls, the actual list of all fouls is not available to the public, it is solely known by the Department of Magical Games and Sports.

According to the Department, they don’t want to give players any new ideas, however it’s difficult to understand how players would avoid infractions if they don’t know what the infractions are.

5 Magical Forfeit

Understandably, witches and wizards are not allowed to use their wands on the pitch, nor are they allowed to cast spells against their opposing team or against any equipment in order to win the game.

But what seems slightly unfair is that if anyone else casts a spell against a Quidditch team, then the opposing team automatically forfeits the game. So essentially they can be punished for something they had no part in.

4 Incalculable Inspirations

Although Quidditch now seems to be the most universally popular game in the wizarding world, the game actually draws inspiration from many games that predated it.

It’s evolution is a little bit baffling though, as there are many different games from different countries that inspired Quidditch. It’s odd that not only did similar games develop in different areas at different times, but it’s also confusing that somehow these all congealed together into one game.

3 Neverending Games

A promotional screenshot of Ginny as a Gryffindor Seeker from the Harry Potter franchise

Quidditch may have literally hundreds of fouls, but there aren’t actually any rules laid out for how long a game can last. Games can go on for days, and the longest Quidditch game on record went on for six months.

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So the game can have a rule against attempted beheading, but no one ever thought to come up with a time limit for it?

2 A Mass Extinction Event

Rufus Scrimgeour gives Harry Potter the snitch

The Golden Snitch wasn’t actually originally a Golden Snitch, it was a Snidget, a rare bird that was introduced into the game when the Chief of the Wizard’s Council offered 150 galleons to the player who could catch it.

It quickly became an essential part of the game, and as a result, the Snidget was nearly hunted to extinction before the Snitch was created. Surely someone could have thought of the Snitch before almost killing off an entire species though?

1 The Golden Snitch

While it’s understandable that players became obsessed with the Snidget when there was a 150 galleon prize in it for them, the introduction of the Snitch into the game seems a little strange.

Arguably, the introduction of the Snitch made almost every other aspect of the game irrelevant. Why give one tiny ball that much power in the game?

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