The Batman Spinoff Show Loses Showrunner Over Creative Differences


HBO Max’s upcoming DC drama set in the world of Matt Reeves’ The Batman is in trouble as showrunner/executive producer Terence Winter departs.

While The Batman is arriving in 2022, its spinoff show on HBO Max might face some delay as the project, with the working title Gotham Central, has lost its showrunner. A big surprise to come out of 2020 was that Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman reboot is expanding its universe beyond the big screen. Robert Pattinson’s franchise is coming to television as Warner Bros. revealed earlier this year that a TV show is in the works from The Batman universe. Despite Gotham having only ended a few years ago, another Gotham P.D.-inspired show is coming, only this time it will be set in a universe where the Dark Knight is already active.

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Reeves promoted the DC show back at DC FanDome this fall, where he talked about how it’d be set during Batman’s first year as a crime fighter. While he wouldn’t reveal whether or not fans will see the Caped Crusader, it’d be from the POV of a corrupted cop working for the GCPD. That doesn’t rule out Jeffrey Wright’s James Gordon from showing up, but he would perhaps not be the main character of the Gotham Central series. But now it turns out that fans may have to wait a little longer for the spinoff show to come to HBO Max.

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Despite starting out as the show’s creator, Terence Winter has officially parted ways with The Batman series as its showrunner. According to THR, it all came down to creative differences as Winter’s vision simply didn’t fit what Reeves and the rest of the creative team were looking for. The report confirms that Warner Bros. is already looking for a new showrunner to take over for Winter. It doesn’t specify if this departure affects their timetable for the project as The Batman is still set to officially arrive in 2022. With the global COVID-19 pandemic still in effect and affecting productions in general, The Batman spinoff may be delayed in filming whenever they do find a new showrunner.

DC's Gotham Central comic book series, serving as influence for HBO Max's GCPD TV series


While it may be without a showrunner, The Batman spinoff isn’t the only DC show for HBO Max that is in the works. Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti has Green Lantern and Strange Adventures in the works while J.J. Abrams is developing Justice League Dark. Additionally, James Gunn is creating a Peacemaker series for John Cena’s character in The Suicide Squad that recently added multiple cast members. While the project doesn’t have an official title, it’s interesting that HBO Max is currently using Gotham Central as its working title. It wouldn’t be shocking if that is what it ends up being called, given that it’ll focus so much on the GCPD.

It would make sense if the series ends up drawing a lot of inspiration from the Gotham Central comic book that Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka wrote. But depending on what showrunner the series ends up getting, it could go in either direction. Despite having a series commitment, it’s also possible that should the search for a new showrunner struggle, that HBO Max doesn’t go forward with it in the end. With so many characters that The Batman universe is setting up, there are other spinoffs they could otherwise look at. But for the time being, the search will hopefully lead to a new showrunner that gets The Batman series off the ground on HBO Max.

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Source: THR

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