The Brutal New Biker Batman Has The Perfect Secret Weapon


In Dark Nights: Death Metal Infinite Hour Exxxtreme! #1, Lobo gets in a fight with the Batman Who Frags, the best headbutter in the DC Universe.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Dark Nights: Death Metal Infinite Hour Exxxtreme! #1

Most DC fans know that Lobo is the Main Man and Ultimate Bastich. The hardcore space biker mercenary is a walking parody of the gritty heroes of the ’90s, though Lobo’s personality takes it to the most extreme degree, dishing out plenty of irreverence wherever he goes as he drinks and shoots his way across the cosmos. He’s even gone toe to toe with Superman and held his own. While there aren’t many characters in the DC Universe who can take Lobo down, perhaps it takes a Lobo to beat a Lobo. In Dark Nights: Death Metal Infinite Hour Exxxtreme! #1, a tie-in issue to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s massive Dark Nights: Death Metal event, Lobo comes face to face with the Batman Who Frags, who uses a pretty hardcore move of his own against the Main Man himself.

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Dark Nights: Death Metal Infinite Hour Exxxtreme! #1 comes from a whole team of creators including Frank Tieri, Becky Cloonan, and Dale Eaglesham (among others), which sees Lobo being hired by none other than Lex Luthor. Luthor wants Lobo to recover an extremely powerful item known as Death Metal (apparently it’s an actual object) in order to hopefully restore the multiverse and end the plans of the Darkest Knight before it’s too late. After making sure that he’ll be paid handsomely, Lobo agrees to go and find the Death Metal, which he soon discovers grants the holder the ability to rewrite reality however they see fit (probably not the kind of item Lobo should be handling.) However, before that happens, Lobo crosses paths with the Batman Who Frags, a dark Batman/Lobo hybrid who’d like nothing more than to wipe the floor with the Main Man.

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Naturally, the two bastiches seem to be more than a match for one another in Dark Nights: Death Metal Infinite Hour Exxxtreme! #1 , until Lobo tries to headbutt the Batman Who Frags. The Biker Batman responds with an even harder headbutt that brings Lobo to his knees, and the alternate Dark Knight begins to gloat. Underneath all of his Lobo-ness, he’s still Batman, albeit a Batman who injected himself with Czarnian DNA to get Lobo’s impressive durability and regenerative abilities. That means that he doesn’t just headbutt his enemies – he headbutts his enemies in the most effective, efficient way possible, having studied under the greatest headbutters the universe has to offer.

Lobo Headbutts


Lobo’s always been a fan of this underhanded fighting move, so it’s hilarious to see the Batman Who Frags stay true to this tactic while approaching it with all the dedication and training that’s apparently true of Bruce Waynes throughout the multiverse. Regardless, Lobo manages to stab the Batman Who Frags, and eventually beats him by trapping the Biker Batman in a Lobo-themed pocket universe. Even so, imagining the Batman/Lobo hybrid traveling around the cosmos to train in the most ridiculous form of combat is pretty comical. The common belief is that nobody wins in a headbutt, but apparently the Batman Who Frags is the exception, as readers can see in Lobo‘s hardcore and extreme Death Metal tie-in.

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