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In order to resonate with audiences, most stories need characters that fans will find relatable or likable. The success of Star Wars is largely rooted in this and how positively audiences responded to characters like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Organa in the first place.

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Star Wars Resistance never managed to resonate as strongly with fans as other animated series like The Clone Wars or Star Wars Rebels, but Resistance did feature a cast of exciting characters, many of whom were likable. Some of Resistance‘s main characters were likable from the beginning while others became more likable as a result of the gradual character development that took place over the course of the show’s 2 seasons.

10 Commander Pyre

Pyre Tierny Jace Rucklin Die in Star Wars Resistance season 2 finale


With his gold-plated Stormtrooper armor, Commander Pyre had a cool aesthetic. He was a pretty flat character, though. Other than his armor, there was nothing particularly unique or compelling about him.

He was a standard Stormtrooper commander barking orders with no depth or character growth. His numerous failed attempts to capture the Colossus in season 2 also made him seem like a rather toothless villain.

9 Agent Tierny

Agent Tierny was a more intriguing villain than Commander Pyre. She used psychological mind games and manipulation to get what she wanted, most notably convincing Tam Ryvora to abandon her friends and join the First Order.

This happened shortly after Tierny was brought into the show. It was a strong introduction for her character, but she never again managed to be quite as cunning and effective, which made her a villain who didn’t live up to her potential.

8 Tam Ryvora

Tam from Star Wars Resistance season 2

Tam’s pragmatism and ambition made her a character worth rooting for, even after she left her friends behind and joined the First Order. Since she didn’t grow up during the reign of the Empire, it was understandable that Tam didn’t recognize the true danger of the First Order and she was more susceptible to their lies and propaganda.

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It was still frustrating to hear her defend the First Order and to take so long to see their true nature before finally defecting and reuniting with the friends who genuinely cared about her.

7 Kazuda Xiono

Star Wars Resistance Season 2

Kaz’s bumbling, goofy, and sometimes naïve nature made him irritating to watch at times, especially considering that Kaz was supposed to be a spy for the Resistance. With that being said, Kaz had an undeniably big heart and cared deeply about others.

It was a pleasure to watch him grow more confident and mature as the series progressed. There was something refreshing about the series protagonist being someone so imperfect and unsure of himself, slowly developing into a more confident and mature person.

6 Hype Fazon

Hype Fazon in Star Wars Resistance

Hype’s boasting and enormous ego made him hard to like sometimes. Yet, Donald Faison brought a sense of style and charisma that made Hype entertaining if not likable.

While Hype was never the focus of the show, he did experience some character development as he learned to fight for a cause much larger than himself. Hype was always entertaining and this development ultimately made him a more likable character.

5 Captain Doza

Captain Doza in Star Wars Resistance

As a former officer in the Galactic Empire, Captain Doza was an intriguing individual. He was also likable because of his unwavering commitment to his family and to the Colossus.

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It was a bit frustrating seeing him give in to the First Order’s occupation after the pirate attacks they helped coordinate, although Doza wasn’t left with much of a choice. When Doza finally took a stand against the First Order, it was exciting to watch, as was seeing him take risks instead of playing it safe, along with joining forces with his wife and other members of the official Resistance.

4 Neeku Vozo

Neeku’s inclination to take things too literally could either be hilarious or annoying. It was always hit or miss, but this couldn’t change the fact that Neeku was a deeply compassionate and intelligent individual.

Neeku’s compassion for all creatures and all people made him easy to like, as was his general quirkiness and impressive intelligence when it came to fixing ships and anything mechanical.

3 Synara San

Star Wars Resistance Synara San

Even though Resistance only lasted 2 seasons, Synara managed to have one of the best character arcs. She began as an undercover pirate deceiving the people of the Colossus and earning their trust for nefarious ends. Synara built genuine relationships with these people, though, and she became closer with them than her own band of pirates.

When the pirates enacted a mutiny in the second season, she chose Kaz and her Colossus friends over the pirates. It was fascinating to see Synara’s allegiances change, largely because Kaz and the people of the Colossus valued and liked her in a way that Kragan and the pirates never would. Beyond this character development, Synara was a fierce and formidable warrior who was always fun to watch in action.

2 Torra Doza

Torra Doza in Star Wars Resistance

Torra’s enthusiastic, eager, and adventure-seeking attitude was infectious. It’s easy to like someone who is filled with such energy and longing for something greater in the universe.

Despite her young age, Torra was already an unparalleled pilot and had a strong sense of self. She was also perceptive as she picked up on clues related to Kaz being a spy before most of the other characters noticed anything. Torra was simply an impressive and fun character to watch.

1 Jarek Yeager

Star Wars Resistance Map

Yeager was Resistance‘s most likable character because he felt like a great dad. Yeager’s daughter died when she was young, but he treated Kaz and Tam as if they were his children. He pushed them to be better versions of themselves. Even though he initially wanted no part in the Resistance or their conflict with the First Order, he protected Kaz and his undercover mission at all costs.

Yeager made a mistake by lying to Tam but he never gave up on her and did everything in his power to bring her back from the First Order. Yeager’s often exasperated, but proud and loving dad energy made him quite likable.

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