The Mandalorian: All 4 Animals Baby Yoda Has Eaten


A comprehensive list of every animal (or alien) species that The Child has considered a tasty meal and chowed down on so far in The Mandalorian.

Though Baby Yoda quickly won the hearts of The Mandalorian fans everywhere, the little alien toddler has a somewhat concerning penchant for eating peculiar animals. The Child’s taste for aquatic and semi-aquatic delicacies first popped up in season 1 and has been neatly showcased in what viewers can watch so far of season 2.

While the infant of Yoda’s species is a heartwarming addition to the Star Wars universe, his habit of devouring some innocent critters shows that even an adorable creature might struggle with good and evil. Like most human children, The Child will eat the first thing he lays his eyes on whenever he’s hungry.

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His particular idea of a delectable treat might be delightfully odd to some viewers, but his taste for amphibians and invertebrates has garnered Baby Yoda some hate in The Mandalorian season 2. In spite of some ethically questionable meal choices, The Child’s dietary choices have provided some undeniably cute moments throughout the dramatic space western.


Baby Yoda eating frog


The first time The Child ever eats onscreen is in The Mandalorian season 1, episode 2 when he quickly swallows down a live frog. This meal is innocent enough and mostly played for laughs, since eating frogs isn’t totally unheard of and is often considered a delicacy in many earthly cultures. In The Mandalorian season 1, episode 4, he tries to eat another frog on the forest planet, Sorgan. Try as he might, Baby Yoda eventually ends up spitting the frog out, suggesting that live frogs might not be his ideal meal of choice.

Frog Alien Eggs

Though The Mandalorian season 2, episode 3 somewhat makes up for Baby Yoda eating the Frog Lady’s unfertilized eggs, The Child caused quite a stir when he broke into Frog Lady’s incubation container and started munching on her unfertilized eggs. It’s safe to say that these eggs quickly became Baby Yoda’s favorite treat in “The Passenger”; against Din Djarin’s strong reprimand, the little green infant continues to gulp down the eggs throughout the episode. Since these are the last eggs of the Frog Lady’s life cycle, this moment comes across as disturbing and maybe even unintentionally genocidal. Given The Child’s actions in spite of knowing better here, his capacity for choosing between right and wrong remains to be seen.


The Mandalorian Baby Yoda and Spiders

While stranded on the barren ice-scape of Maldo Kreis in The Mandalorian season 2, episode 2, Baby Yoda cracks open a spider egg and chows down on the tiny eight-legged creature inside. This moment both proves that Game of Thrones definitely could’ve had ice spiders and is a catalyst for one of the most intense chase scenes shown in The Mandalorian yet. Shortly after the spider gets eaten, The Child, Djarin, and the Frog Lady are pursued by a horde of the arachnid’s freshly-hatched siblings and one enraged mother spider.

Alien Starfish

Alien Starfish in The Mandalorian

At the end of The Mandalorian season 2, episode 3, “The Heiress”, a creepy alien starfish makes its way into the cockpit of Din Djarin’s ship. Just when it looks like The Child is about to become a meal himself, Djarin crushes and kills the preying alien, allowing Baby Yoda to slurp the creature up as a pre-flight snack. It seems that The Child is able to forget about potentially life-threatening situations pretty easily, since he gobbles up his would-be attacker without a second thought.

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Bonus: Chowdered Squid (Possibly)

Baby Yoda eating chowdered squid

An angry alien starfish wouldn’t be the first of The Child’s meals that tried to kill him. Earlier in season 2’s third episode, a live squid leaps out of Baby Yoda’s chowder and suctions onto him like an Alien Facehugger. In addition to all the other questions The Mandalorian left open-ended in season 2 episode 3, it’s also unconfirmed if The Child actually dug into this meal after that. Considering how insatiable his appetite seems, it’s unlikely that the little green youngster let it go uneaten, but the squid’s ultimate fate is left up to whatever happened off-screen.

Audiences can safely assume that if something’s slimy or has tons of legs, Baby Yoda will probably eat it. While it looks like The Child might be interested in other kinds of food – given how longingly he stares at the roasting hunk of dragon meat from episode nine of season 1 – it’s still unconfirmed just how different his diet might be from other species in the series. With the rest of season 2 yet to be released, fans of The Mandalorian will have to wait and see what other types of creatures Baby Yoda might gleefully gobble up next.

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