The Night’s Watchmen, Ranked Most To Least Likely To Die In A Horror Movie


Anyone who has seen even a few episodes of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones knows that the Night’s Watch has a very important role to play (even if there are some things about them that make no sense). They are the ones charged with manning the gigantic Wall and ensuring that the hordes of wildlings in the north don’t come and plunder the southern kingdoms. These are obviously men who are prepared to spend their whole lives in battle.

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However, it has to be said that more than a few of them aren’t very good or decent people, and it really does make one wonder which members of the Watch would be most and least likely to die in a horror film.

10 Janos Slynt

Janos Slynt


Janos Slynt is one of the most unpleasant men to join the wall. This is hardly surprising since he didn’t go there by choice. Equally unsurprising is the fact that he schemes against Jon Snow, thinking that he’s going to be able to seize power for himself.

He’s the type of person who would think that they were more clever than the horror movie killer, only to discover, much to his chagrin, that he was one of the first to die (since that’s exactly what happened to him, in an iconic moment in the fifth season).

9 Alliser Thorne

Thorne is a bit of a strange character. While he is very unpleasant and sometimes downright cruel to Jon (and thus is something of a villain), he does seem to have a certain honor code, and he does take his duties to the Watch seriously.

However, he’s also a bit arrogant, stubborn, and proud. As anyone who has seen a horror movie knows, these are definitely not traits one associates with someone who is going to live to see even the middle of the movie, particularly since Thorne also took part in Jon’s assassination.

8 Karl Tanner

Karl Tanner death game of thrones

Karl Tanner was another of those very unpleasant people who were sent to the Wall because of all of the terrible crimes they committed elsewhere.

Just as importantly, he also took a key part in the rebellion against Jeor Mormont. In a horror film, he’d be the guy that would try to overthrow the leader of the group (thinking that he knew better how to survive), only to find himself getting killed hereafter. He’s also the kind of guy that audiences wouldn’t mind seeing getting bumped off.

7 Maester Aemon

In a place as notoriously inhospitable as the Wall, Maester Aemon is like a beacon of light. He’s a genuinely good soul, and he takes his duties as a maester seriously.

However, that doesn’t mean that he’d be the kind of person who would survive very long if he were to find himself in a horror film, even though it’s worth noting he’s the only major character who dies of old age. In fact, he’d probably be the wise old person who gives the younger group advice, only to find himself getting murdered while they run away.

6 Jeor Mormont

It’s hard not to love Jeor Mormont. The bluff and blustering Lord Commander is one of the most competent characters in the show, and his fatal flaw is underestimating how corrupt his men really were, leading to his death in a mutiny.

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Even though this isn’t entirely his fault, his sense of honor is probably what would end up getting him killed in a horror film, since he wouldn’t be willing to give an inch to any sort of killer, even if he was outmatched.

5 Jon Snow

Kit Harrington as Jon Snow in GOT S08

Oh, dear Jon Snow. Is there any other character in this entire series who can be so lovable and yet so incredibly frustrating at the same time, capable of doing good things and yet also bad ones?

He really did have the best of intentions, but he seemed incapable of ever seeing them through to their completion in any sort of satisfactory way, either for himself or others. He would probably manage to make it most of the way through a horror film, but that blasted sense of nobility would almost certainly see him bumped off before the ending.

4 Benjen Stark

benjen stark

Benjen Stark is probably one of the most underappreciated members of his family, and there’s still a lot audiences don’t know about him.

After all, he did manage to survive north of the Wall and, well, getting killed. This is exactly the kind of guy that one would want in a horror movie. He’s the character that everyone would mistake for being dead, only to come back at the last minute and dispatch the killer. Hopefully, that means that he’d be likely to live until the credits roll.

3 Qhorin Halfhand

Qhorin Halfhand is one of the most notable and celebrated of the Rangers, the members of the Watch charged with going beyond the Wall to make sure that there are no surprise attacks coming. He’s a survivor by nature, and there are good reasons why he has the respect of almost everyone in the Watch.

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If there’s a member of the Watch who would manage to not only survive a horror movie but also make it to the sequel, it would have to be him.

2 Eddison Tollett

Who doesn’t love this character? Well-known for his rather dour approach to life, it has to be said that Eddison survived a lot more than most of the other characters, and it was actually rather gratifying to see him ascend to the position of Lord Commander.

He’s the type of character that would spend the entire horror movie complaining and expressing pessimistic opinions about literally everything, only to pull a surprise and somehow manage to survive when all of his friends have already been dispatched by the monster or the killer.

1 Samwell Tarly

Perhaps no character was as unsuited for his profession as Samwell Tarly. Sent to the Wall because his father was deeply ashamed of him and his lack of masculine skills, he nevertheless proves time and again that there is far more to him than meets the eye and, in fact, he proves he’s something of a genius.

After all, he is the one who discovered the fatal weakness of the White Walkers. Given this, is it any surprise that he would be one of the characters in the Night’s Watch that would be least likely to die in a horror film? In fact, he would probably end up being one of the few characters to make it out alive.

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