The Real Reason Chelsea Houska Quit The Show


Teen Mom fans have finally learned the real reason behind fan-favorite Chelsea Houska quitting the show and moving on to a new chapter.

The real reason why Teen Mom’s fan-favorite Chelsea Houska decided to quit the show. Fans were shocked to hear the news on the reunion, but all the girls supported her decision.

Chelsea Houska DeBoer has always been a fan favorite for her childcare and trend choices. The mother of three (soon to be four) quickly made the most of her reality TV success thanks to the MTV franchise. Currently, she’s the mother to Aubree, 11, Watson, 3, and Layne, 2, but announced she has another baby on the way. Teen Mom fans know that Chelsea’s initial endeavor into motherhood happened with her ex Adam Lind, who is rarely in the picture and has dropped the ball on parenting. She met her husband Cole DeBoer in 2014 and the two married in 2016.

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Chelsea let everyone know that she and Cole had come to the decision that leaving the show was best for their growing family. But it turns out Chelsea confirmed on November 10 via her Instagram that she wanted to protect her daughter Aubree’s privacy. Check out her post below:

In a lengthy tribute post, Chelsea Houska DeBoer wrote that,MTV’s Teen Mom 2 has been a big part of my life for almost 11 years. After much thought and discussion with my family and friends, Cole and I have decided that this season will be our last.” MTV viewers were naturally saddened by the news, since they have come to enjoy her storyline, which was almost always positive, unlike some of her castmates. She went on to tell fans, “We are forever thankful to MTV and our crew, who are like family to us. We’re parting on the best of terms and will stay in touch long after this. We’re proud to have been able to share our story and are so grateful to the fans who have followed our journey from the beginning.” While the family may be moving away from reality TV, they still have many ventures in-store and big plans ahead. The mother of four signed off by saying, “Our next chapter in life will focus on developing our brand and taking things to the next level with new endeavors and expanding family businesses. We are so excited for this next phase of our lives and hope you all will be a part of it in some way.”

Fans are happy for the Teen Mom’s success and are looking forward to watching their last season as the sign off for good. MTV has yet to comment but it looks like all is copesetic between the two. Chelsea Houska DeBoer is bound to land on her feet since she already has a line of clothing, baby bags, and home goods. Plus, her children will have the chance to grow up outside of the reality TV spotlight, which can only be a good thing as they continue to grow and develop as people.

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