Tom Holland’s Best Movies That Aren’t MCU, Ranked (According To IMDb)


Tom Holland has played Spider-Man more than any other actor, but he has had plenty of other great roles other than in the MCU, as ranked here by IMDb.

Like others before him, Tom Holland has become an icon as the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. He has been the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man since his debut in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. Since then, he has appeared in Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and two Spider-Man solo movies, with a third in production.

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This gives Tom the record as the Spider-Man with the most movies. As great as his Spider-Man is, Tom also has a plethora of other movies to watch since he’s been acting since he was a child. So what are his best non-MCU roles that showcase the actor’s range?

10 The Current War: Director’s Cut – 6.5


The flawed but way superior version of The Current War, this movie depicts the historic battle between Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, and Nikola Tesla, as they race to power the world. The movie is a mixed bag due to several historical inaccuracies and poor editing.

Tom Holland plays Samuel Insull, the famous electricity magnate who would run General Electric. Holland doesn’t have the biggest role in the film, but like the rest of the cast, he performs as best he can with the material.

9 How I Live Now – 6.5

What starts as your typical young-adult romance story becomes a fight for survival as nuclear war is waged. Other than the clever twist on the teen romance story, How I Live Now doesn’t really provide anything other than good performances.

Tom Holland plays the younger brother of the romantic interest and he’s adequate. It’s another smaller role for him since the movie is more about the older brother and the girl’s story.

8 The Lost City Of Z – 6.6

Before reuniting in The Devil All The Time, Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson worked together in The Lost City Of Z. The movie mainly stars Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson, however, as they attempt to find an ancient city in the Amazon.

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Jack is the son of Charlie Hunnam’s character and he is played by Tom Holland, who is very much along for the journey. The three actors carry the film rather well and the relationship between Holland and Hunnam is believable.

7 Spies In Disguise – 6.8

After some felt that the Ice Age movies had overstayed their welcome and the Rio movies were slightly forgettable, many fans lost faith in Blue Sky Studios. This seemed to change with Spies In Disguise: the story about a cool super spy being turned into a pigeon after being framed for a crime.

With Tom Holland and Will Smith working together, it’s just a given fact that there is going to be charisma and comedy. Spies In Disguise is one of the funniest animated family films and it has very fast and unrelenting humor similar to Hotel Transylvania movies. As a surprise though, it features plenty of darker moments, character development, and action scenes to balance things out.

6 In The Heart Of The Sea – 6.9

In this ensemble cast, Ron Howard brings together Tom Holland and MCU co-star Chris Hemsworth in a story that inspired Moby Dick. Holland plays a young sailor who suffers alongside the likes of Cillian Murphy and Hemsworth, as they are attacked by a giant whale.

Holland also gets the honor of portraying a young Brendon Gleeson. He performs well, even nailing a few of the mannerisms of Gleeson’s performance.

5 Locke – 7.1

This whole movie is set inside a car as a man goes on a road trip. So there’s only one actor in the entire movie in the form of Tom Hardy. So how is Tom Holland in the film? Well, Tom Hardy’s character has phone calls in the film with several other characters.

One of them was a young boy played by Tom Holland. It’s not quite the Spider-Man vs Venom meeting that fans are asking for, but it is there.

4 The Devil All The Time – 7.1

This is a series of tales spanning across different backwoods towns and characters. There are a lot of characters played by many big-name actors, all of them providing great performances, but Tom himself doesn’t appear until about the halfway point.

Tom Holland plays Arvin, a young man with a harsh past and surrounded by the worst of the worst. He’s always trying to do the right thing and it usually causes more disaster. Tom Holland shines as the brightest in the all-star cast and is worth seeing alone. Sebastian Stan, Robert Pattinson, and Jason Clarke are just the icing on a delicious cake.

3 Onward – 7.4

Pixar + Tom Holland + Chris Pratt = everything a family needs. The movie is about two elf brothers trying to bring their father back to life for one whole day. Onward is the perfect modern-day tribute to high fantasy franchises like Dungeons And Dragons and Middle-Earth.

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As per usual with Pixar: it’s funny, epic, and makes the audience shed tears. Tom Holland plays brilliantly off Chris Pratt, making for a perfect movie about siblings.

2 The Impossible – 7.5

The first movie where Tom Holland really shined as a young boy, The Impossible is about a family wounded and separated in Thailand after a tsunami. Tom Holland plays the eldest child and has to keep his heavily wounded mother played by Naomi Watts going until they find help.

What really sells Tom’s performance in The Impossible is the emotion. Not only does he help his mother, but he helps other people throughout. The whole time, Tom not only looks actually exhausted, but he looks like he could break down crying at any moment. He doesn’t: instead, he remains probably the emotionally strongest character throughout the film.

1 The Secret World Of Arrietty – 7.6

Many might be confused by this one since Sho (or Shawn) is played by David Henrie. This is true … in the North American version of the film. The United Kingdom received its own dubbed version, with Tom Holland providing the voice of Sho.

For those that don’t know the film: The Secret World Of Arrietty is about a four-inch-tall girl named Arrietty who meets and is befriended by a human. It’s a cute story and is another notch in Studio Ghibli’s belt, as well as for acclaimed filmmaker, Hayao Miyazaki.

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