Twitch Monstercat Partnership Lets Streamers Cut In Line To Affiliate


Twitch’s new partnership with Monstercat allows streamers to skip the wait to become Affiliates while providing them with claim-free music.

Electronic music record label Monstercat is teaming up with Twitch to offer streamers claim-free music for an affordable price, and an additional perk for Monstercat Gold subscribers allows new streamers to skip the wait to become an Affiliate. Along with Monstercat, Twitch offers its own Soundtrack service (currently in beta) to give players a library of stream-safe music to use.

Before this new promotion, Twitch streamers would have to meet certain goals in order to qualify to become an Affiliate. They would have to accumulate 50 followers, have streamed 500 total minutes over the span of 30 days, streamed on seven different days, and have an average of 3 or more concurrent viewers. For newer streamers, attracting viewers outside of their friends or family is relatively hard as new streamers tend to get buried underneath the thousands of streamers using the platform at any point in time. After the criteria have been met, streamers would have to wait to receive an invitation to the Affiliate program from Twitch via email.

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However, it seems that some users will get the chance to sidestep the normal Affiliate process. In a press release today, Monstercat announced that it will be partnering with Twitch to make it easier to become an Affiliate streamer. Twitch and Monstercat are offering streamers who subscribe to Monstercat Gold for at least 30 days the ability to apply to become an Affiliate. According to Monstercat, after 30 days, all streamers need to do is submit their channel for Affiliate status and Twitch will email them an invitation to the program within a few business days. This effectively skips the grind a new Twitch streamer usually endures, allowing almost anyone to make money off of streaming – as long as they pay $5 a month for Monstercat Gold.

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Outside of instant Affiliate status, this seems to be part of Twitch’s answer to its recent DMCA issues. Many of Twitch’s Partnered streamers have been banned, or on the brink of termination, due to the platform’s ongoing battle with DMCA strikes. Not only do Monstercat Gold members get easy Affiliate status, but they are also granted access to Monstercat’s vast library of electronic music. Mosntercat Gold is an individual music licensing subscription that allows content creators to use licensed music in their streams or videos without the fear of getting a DMCA strike. While this isn’t an answer to all of Twitch’s DMCA woes, it is at least an option for streamers who can’t live without music.

This partnership seems like a double-edged sword. On one hand, it makes it much easier for a new streamer to start their career on Twitch or monetize their hobby. It also allows streamers to access a huge library of quality music for an affordable price. On the other hand, making Affiliate status as easy as paying $5 a month removes a sort of quality check built into the previous requirements and allows streamers to effectively buy their way into a program that others have had to work to get into. Twitch says it’s trying its best to do what is right for its community, and maybe that’s by offering an option to purchase DMCA-free music with a side of Affiliate status.

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