Which Character From The Queen’s Gambit Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


Netflix may have just released its best original series to date – at least, that’s what viewers have been saying. The Queen’s Gambit follows Elizabeth “Beth” Harmon from girlhood to young adulthood. The series begins as she’s orphaned after her mother kills herself in a car accident.

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Beth learns to play chess in her years at the orphanage, where she also develops an addiction to pills. She is adopted as a teenager and embarks on her chess career, eventually playing at an international level. Along her journey, she becomes the best chess player in the world, losing and finding herself over again, while she finds a new family. Find out which how these vibrant character match with the zodiac signs.

12 ARIES: Annette Packer

The Queen's Gambit Annette Packer


Annette Packer is the first female Beth plays against – in fact, she’s the first person Beth plays in any real chess match. Beth doesn’t yet know her way around an organized chess tournament, so Annette helps her out and helps her feel welcome.

As the only other female at the tournament, Annette feels a sort of kinship with Beth, even after Beth thrashes her in the game. When Beth gets her first period, Annette is quick to help her. Years later, she still retains her Aries optimism when she meets Beth at her lowest point. She isn’t deterred by Beth’s strange behavior and tries to be friendly.

11 TAURUS: Beth Harmon

The Queen's Gambit Beth 2

Beth is hard to define, but she is consistent in at least one of her qualities – her tenacity. If anything, Beth is absolutely determined and committed to winning every single match she plays.

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Tauruses are known, above all else, to be stubborn, and nobody on The Queen’s Gambit exemplifies this more than Beth herself. Even when Beth fails – which is rare – she doesn’t back down. She prepares herself to rise to the challenge again, and again until she wins. Losing is simply not an option for her.

10 GEMINI: Cleo

The Queen's Gambit Beth and Cleo

Cleo only appears in the series for a short time, but she has a profound effect on Beth. She first engages Beth in a few girl-to-girl conversations and tries to show off her intelligence and inquisitiveness.

She convinces Beth to come out of her shell and shed some of her responsibility to have some fun, which is the embodiment of Gemini behavior. Cleo is outgoing, adventurous, and impulsive, as seen by her lack of stability – she’s constantly moving around the world without a second thought.

9 CANCER: Mrs. Deardorff

The Queen's Gambit Beth and Mrs. Deardorff

Deardorff is another side character, but one who is important in Beth’s life. She takes Beth into the orphanage and seems to genuinely care about her, as a Cancer would.

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She does seem overbearing and almost psychic at times, which is in line with this zodiac sign. Still, she’s nurturing and generous, as she proves when she offers to help Beth begin her chess career and to let her play aboveground.

8 LEO: Harry Beltik

The Queen's Gambit Beth and Harry Beltik

Like most Leos, Harry has a fiery personality. From the first time viewers see him, he’s passionate and determined in his desire to succeed. When his opponent at Beth’s first tournament asks Harry for a draw, Harry responds, “Hell, no.”

Nevertheless, his personality is relatively consistent and unchanging throughout the series. He’s surprisingly charismatic and inclusive once people get to know him, as well as generous and a natural leader. Beth gladly accepts his help, and it helps her advance her chess career.

7 VIRGO: Mr. Shaibel

The Queen's Gambit Beth and Mr Shaibel Chess

The Virgo is practical, systematic, and logical. Viewers don’t actually get to know Mr. Shaibel very well, just as Beth doesn’t. He has a long-lasting impact on her life, but she is frustrated with herself when she learns that he has died.

Shaibel is often seen with a stern expression, and he’s very taciturn. He plays chess quite simply, using his knowledge of the game over his intuition. He might be a perfectionist, and it’s because of how much he relies on consistent practice as the Virgo does.

6 LIBRA: Alma Wheatley

The Queen's Gambit Alma and Beth

Alma is a complex character who can be a little difficult to categorize. Like a real person, she isn’t just one thing. However, she does showcase an undeniable attraction to all things superficial: she likes things that look nice, including clothes, furniture, and even partners.

The Libra is defined by equilibrium, and Alma is very much a combination of polar opposites. She likes nice things and nice places yet destroys her body with alcohol and cigarettes. Even so, she has the charm of a Libra.

5 SCORPIO: Townes

The Queen's Gambit Beth v. Townes

Townes is Beth’s unrequited love. Many viewers were left confused about exactly what happened between them because Townes seems to be warm and honest with her, but like the Scorpio, he’s also a bit mysterious.

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Townes shows Beth his emotional, intimate side, but Beth then realizes that he’s not interested in her romantically at all. He is simply an intense person, as many Scorpios are, but the person who walks in on them is most likely Townes’ boyfriend.


The Queen's Gambit Beth & Jolene

Jolene is Beth’s best friend in the orphanage and continues to be a good friend into their adulthood. She’s always been rebellious and adventurous, which is pure Sagittarius.

She’s also restless and progressive, forever wanting more – from her career, her life, and society. She certainly can’t be bossed about, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a Sagittarius’s optimism. Jolene is also philosophical, craves freedom, is honest and independent.

3 CAPRICORN: Vasily Borgov

Borgov The Queen's Gambit

Not much is known about Borgov outside of his discipline in playing chess. Clearly, he displays a Capricorn’s ambition, persistence, realism, practicality, and relentlessness.

Capricorns are also often touchy, dry, and uptight, but Borgov is quick to congratulate Beth when she wins in Russia. Although, he does at first call for an adjournment, hoping that the extra time will allow him to figure out an adequate strategy.

2 AQUARIUS: Benny Watts

Benny on the phone seated next to a chessboard in The Queen's Gambit

Like most characters in this series, Benny is not what he at first seems to be. Like the Aquarius, he doesn’t have a single clear shape; he defies categorization. Benny loves mental stimulation, which is why he plays chess and is so great at speed chess.

He’s original and eccentric, which is first seen by his ridiculous costumes. Still, he’s original and proud of it, the same way he is intelligent, progressive, and compassionate. He proves to be an excellent problem solver in the final episode, even though he can be condescending at other times.

1 PISCES: The Twins

The Queen's Gambit Matt and Mike and Beth

Matt and Mike are among the first chess players Beth meets in the world. They are skeptical about her abilities at first, but quickly become her friends and avid supporters.

They are both quite laid back and agreeable, like the Pisces. Since they’re twins, they share their zodiac sign, just like they share all of their scenes. They prove to be great at working with others when they help Benny and the others advise Beth on the best way to beat Borgov in Russia.

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