Which Julie And The Phantoms Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


The teen musical fantasy series, Julie and the Phantoms, recently premiered on Netflix to an incredibly positive reception. The series is created by Kenny Ortega, who directed many other successful teen franchises, so it’s no wonder fans are finding it to be so compelling.

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With so many great characters to enjoy, fans can’t help but consider which zodiac signs best suit each one! Here’s how they might match-up.

12 ARIES: Luke Patterson

Julie and the Phantoms Luke


Aries are characterized by their desire to be number one. Luke is someone who dives headfirst into challenges and is usually the one to initiate said challenges. He’s constantly pushing the other boys to keep making music and live their dream.

He’s easily the most passionate and motivated character and is also a confident leader. Like most Aries, Luke has a very cheerful disposition, is relentless in his determination for the band to succeed, is direct and uncomplicated, and above all, is an eternal optimist.

11 TAURUS: Carrie Wilson

julie and the phantoms dirty candy carrie

If anyone on this show is tenacious, it’s Carrie. She simply won’t let go of her one-sided feud with Julie, and it’s not totally clear how it started. Clearly, Julie is over it.

On the other hand, Carrie’s persistence means that she’s up for any challenge. She and her girls must dedicate a lot of time to rehearsing their musical numbers. Tauruses are known to prioritize themselves and enjoy luxury, which Carrie certainly does.

10 GEMINI: Willie

julie and the phantoms - owen joyner & booboo stewart

Willie is the one to show Alex the ropes of the ghost realm, who then explains what he’s learned to his friends. Viewers first meet him while he’s skating. Willie likes to seek out ways to have fun, which is very characteristic of Geminis.

He’s willing to try anything, which is something Alex likes about him but struggles to get on board with himself. Willie initiates a few deep conversations, is enthusiastic and highly social, but also a little irresponsible – luckily, he’s a ghost.

9 CANCER: Alex

julie and the phantoms alex willie

Alex exhibits many typical Cancer traits: he’s loyal, protective, intuitive, and also sensitive and moody. Within his first few minutes of screentime, viewers know exactly who he is.

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He understands Julie’s pain, but then gets upset with himself when he learns that he’s been crying for twenty-five years. His ability to gauge other people’s emotions may seem like he’s psychic, but he’s just a Cancer.

8 LEO: Flynn

Julie And The Phantoms Flynn and Julie

Like many Leos, Flynn has a fiery personality. She is quick to become emotional when Julie struggles to sign, and then when she does sing, and again when she forms a new band.

On the other hand, Flynn is warm and passionate – she listens to Julie’s problems and has been supporting her through her grief. Flynn is charismatic, consistent, and generous. She’s also commanding, which she proves when she takes charge of Julie’s band management. On the other hand, Leos aren’t great at taking criticism.

7 VIRGO: Carlos Molina

Carols Molina in Julie and the Phantoms

Interestingly, the young Carlos Molina is one of the most logical, practical, and systematic characters in the series. He tries to find conclusive evidence of ghost activity in his house, and he uses it to come to a conclusion about who the ghosts are.

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His investigations suggest that he is a perfectionist who is consistent in his practice, hyper-aware of details, and solves problems through input and processing. He also demonstrates the Virgo’s kind, gentle, and supportive nature towards Julie.

6 LIBRA: Caleb Covington

julie and the phantoms - cheyenne jackson

As a Libra, Caleb (Cheyenne Jackson) is one of the most charming characters in Julie and the Phantoms. He almost charms Sunset Curve to join his club because he’s so socially adept.

Unfortunately, Libras often fall prey to trying to be people-pleasers, and Caleb is no different. Thus, he turns to forceful manipulation, which earns him no points and no loyalty. Libras also love high art and connoisseurship, and Caleb certainly appreciates art.


julie nick julie and the phantoms

Nick exemplifies the Scorpio’s bravery and honesty when he tells Julie the truth about his feelings. When she doesn’t reciprocate, he still remains loyal and supports her as a friend and still hopeful romantic interest.

At the start of the series, Nick is trapped in an unhealthy relationship with Carrie, but he seems quite emotional and ready for something more intimate, which is typical of the Scorpio. He seems to have connected with Julie on an emotional level, which is something he doesn’t have with Carrie.


Julie and the Phantoms Reggie

Reggie is one-quarter of Julie and the Phantoms, but his liveliness more than makes up for his size. He’s adventurous, restless, and progressive, even when he still lives in 1995.

Viewers first see him handing out Sunset Curve T-shirts to avid fans. On the other hand, when people get to know Reggie, they see that he’s a bit tactless, naïve, unreliable, and perhaps slightly too optimistic. He craves freedom, meeting new people, and having new experiences, which is why he’s willing to give Caleb’s club a try.

3 CAPRICORN: Julie Molina

Julie goes through a lot in the first season of the show. She is at first upset with herself that she can’t get back into music, and thus, into the school’s music program. When she meets the boys, her passion is reignited.

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With music back in her life, Julie has a purpose again. She is ambitious, a hard worker, persistent, and disciplined. However, she’s also practical, sometimes sensitive, and sometimes pessimistic – all Capricorn qualities.

2 AQUARIUS: Trevor Wilson

Julie And The Phantoms Trevor Wilson

Trevor, or Bobby as he used to be known, is a little hard to define. He seems pretentious and eccentric at first, what with his luxurious house, helicopter, obsession with yoga and therapy to fix every problem in his life, and neglectful parenting.

Still, he’s not entirely stupid. He knew that taking credit for Sunset Curve songs would lead him on a path of success in his own music career. Even after taking Luke’s songs, Trevor seems to appreciate art, which is common for the Aquarius.

1 PISCES: Ray Molina

Julie And The Phantoms Ray Molina

Ray is easily the most laid-back character on the show, and also the most empathetic. He is there for both of his children who have very different needs, even while he’s in mourning himself.

Everyone seems to like Ray – especially Reggie – even though he has a hard time accepting help from others, like Aunt Tia. This is a quality typical of Pisces, which has Ray often taking on the load and acting as a therapist for his family. He’s also a little too trusting and easily swayed, which becomes a small problem in his parenting.

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