Which Two Men Will Tayshia Need To Choose Between?


Tayshia Adams has officially taken the role of this season’s Bachelorette. Which final two men will vie for the new Bachelorette’s heart?

In the last episode of The Bachelorette, Clare Crawley received her happy ending with Dale Moss and Tayshia Adams replaced her, but it’s been revealed that Tayshia may not receive a similar happy ending. Which two men will she have to choose between? 

Fans have known that Clare would be replaced mid-season for a long time now. The news was originally broken soon after The Bachelorette season 16 started filming. After the initial surprise, replacing Clare with Tayshia made sense, as she had previously been a candidate for the leading role on The Bachelorette. Even if the news hadn’t surfaced before season 16 began airing, it was clear from the start that Clare only had eyes for Dale. Be it the result of genuine infatuation or clever editing, (and it was likely the latter), Dale Moss was seemingly on Clare’s mind constantly during her stay at La Quinta Resort. It’s safe to say many The Bachelorette fans were over the moon about the fact that Tayshia was finally gracing their screens and bringing a more traditional love story to the franchise. 

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Reality Steve, a veteran primary source for breaking news about the show, revealed all The Bachelorette spoilers he currently knows, relating to the end of Tayshia’s season. Previously, he shared that Tayshia’s final four men are Brendan Morais, Ivan Hall, Ben Smith, and Zac Clark. Brendan reportedly chooses to leave the show in Week 3 or 4. His family failed to travel to La Quinta for hometowns but Steve wasn’t certain why he choose to eliminate himself. One thing Steve is sure of, though, is that Ben and Zac C. will be Tayshia Adam’s final two men. If that’s how the season ends up for Tayshia, she may not be happy about it.

Reality Steve


Brendan was Tayshia’s top choice until he left the show. His departure was likely influenced by his divorce, which was finalized just over a year ago. As things became more serious with Tayshia, Brendan may have realized he wasn’t ready for another serious relationship and engagement. In the end, Zac C. receives Tayshia’s final rose. By then, Ben hadn’t opened up enough for Tayshia’s liking, which is why she choose to end the show with Zac C. instead. Though Zac C. received the rose, there may not be a future for the couple. 

It’s unclear whether The Bachelorette couple is still together now, but if they are, it may not be for long. The pair’s lifestyles simply butt heads a bit too much to make them a truly comfortable match. Tayshia aspires to be a California influencer while Zac C. runs a sober living facility in New York. It wouldn’t make sense for Zac C. to upend his business and abandon the clients he serves to stand by Tayshia while she chases after her influencer dreams. On the other hand, it wouldn’t make sense for Tayshia to move across the country to become an influencer in New York. 

It would’ve made more sense for Tayshia to choose Venice Beach resident, Ben, but it apparently wasn’t in the cards for those two. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not much of a surprise that Tayshia from The Bachelorette didn’t find her husband this season. Most of the men joined the show for Clare and hadn’t thought of building a life with Tayshia. Though some may have been able to build a love connection, it seems like Zac C. couldn’t take the final step and fully commit to Tayshia, and either could Ben.

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Source: Reality Steve

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