Why A Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra With S Pen Support Might Be A Mistake


Samsung is apparently adding S Pen support to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but that might not be the right move after years of clear S and Note differences.

In what would be a really curious move, Samsung might release the Galaxy S21 Ultra with S Pen support. To a large number of Samsung users, S Pen support has largely been associated with Note phones and Galaxy Tab tablets. While the S Pen has been an x-factor in generating sales for the Galaxy Note series, it would be a major move for this feature to carry over to Samsung’s other family of phones, but it also might be a mistake.

As more details on the Galaxy S21 Ultra have leaked, insiders are suggesting that an S Pen could be compatible with the phone’s screen. Previously, this functionality was not available on all Samsung phones, but reserved as a major selling point for Galaxy Note phones. In related news, insiders have recently suggested that the South Korean corporation is expected to either skip Galaxy Note 21 production or retire the Note series altogether next year, with Galaxy Note-exclusive features rolling over to upcoming S series phones. If both suggestions are true and correlate with one another, the migration process could very well start with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This phone is also expected to boast an improved camera, Wi-Fi 6E, and other key changes.

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Despite the alleged S Pen support from insiders, including Ishan Agarwal, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is not expected to include a stylus, nor would it be able to house one. Thus, S21 Ultra owners will still need to buy or retrieve another S Pen and store it separately during travel. The S21 Ultra is expected to feature a 6.8-inch display, which does rival screens found in the latest Note phones. However, the rounded shape of the phone would not leave writers and note-takers with the best experience.

The Main S Pen Problem With A Galaxy S21 Ultra


The Galaxy S series is an entirely different breed of phone to the Note series. Whereas Note phones often come with large screens suitable for a stylus, the S series is better designed for one-handed use. The distinction between the two phone lines has been clear enough in the past for consumers to favor one line over the other. However, here the Galaxy S21 Ultra seems to be blurring the lines, and that seems like a dangerous move to make with both lines having such loyal user bases. While it’s not unusual for tech companies to undergo changes when and where needed, for loyal Note users, switching to a Galaxy S phone is not the ideal. After all, if they are being forced to upgrade to a different model, then why not a different brand altogether?

While it is possible that the Galaxy S21 Ultra with Note-like elements could benefit some, Note customers might have to deal with the company abandoning what has worked well for them for years and that’s unlikely to sit well with some. After buying a certain line of Samsung phones, over a number of years, it is understandable that certain customers would want (and expect to be able) to stick with that same experience and not have to switch to an entirely different line for similar features. For avid Galaxy Note users that would rather see the series continue, there might be at least one more opportunity to pick up a Note phone before Samsung possibly discontinue the series.

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Source: Ishan Agarwal/TwitterEngadgetGSMArena

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