Why Supernatural’s Final Episode Is Titled ‘Carry On’


For fans of Supernatural, the title “Carry On” holds special nostalgia and significance. Showrunner Andrew Dabb has opened up about what it means.

For Supernatural fans, the title of the show’s final episode – “Carry On” – is a bittersweet homage, but its origin came from an office assistant. The title references Kansas’s classic song “Carry on Wayward Son,” which has become an anthem of sorts for the show. Writer and co-showrunner Andrew Dabb discussed the title’s broader significance in a new interview, leading up to the finale’s airdate this Thursday, November 19.

For those who watched last week’s penultimate episode (spoilers ahead), the very existence of “Carry On” might seem confusing. That’s because “Inherit the Earth” basically wrapped up every major storyline. God/Chuck was defeated, and the world was saved by Sam, Dean, and Jack, who absorbed Chuck’s divine powers to essentially become a new God. The Winchesters then drove into the distance, their duty done. The writers’ plan was always to wrap up the core story in the penultimate episode and focus more on Sam and Dean’s journey in the finale, which is precisely what they seem to be doing in “Carry On.”

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But will the brothers find a sense of peace, as the reference song suggests? Andrew Dabb commented on the implications of the title in a recent interview with TVLine. He credited the title “Carry On” to an assistant on Supernatural – Casey Hamnos – and said it struck him as the perfect pick to send the series off.

“That title actually came from one of the assistants in our office. I’m going to give her credit. It’s Casey Hamnos. She was just talking to one of the other people that works in the office, and she’s like, ‘The last episode should be called “Carry On,” and I was like, ‘That is a great title for the last episode!’ So that’s where that came from.”

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean in Supernatural


As for the song’s promise of peace, that seems less secure for the Winchesters. Ensuring a totally clean future for Sam and Dean is a “big ask,” according to Dabb, but that doesn’t necessarily count anything out. A true “happy ending” for the Winchesters would be a bit out of character for the 15-year journey they’ve had, but it’s at least pleasant that they’ll be able to spend their last episode not having to worry about the literal fate of the world.

Both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have optimistically discussed their interest in returning to the franchise someday, so the world of Supernatural might be “carrying on” in more ways than one. Given the show’s ardent and dedicated fan base, it seems likely that the Winchesters could return in the future.

But, for now, the end of the road is close at hand. Whatever befalls Sam and Dean in the future, the season 15 finale will put a proper cap on one of the most prestigious runs in recent TV history. The final episode of Supernatural, “Carry On,” airs this Thursday, November 19, on The CW.

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