Will PS5’s God of War 2 Come Out on PS4?


While it seemed a foregone conclusion that God of War: Ragnarok would be a PS5 exclusive, a recent interview has shed new light on the situation.

A recent interview with PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has sparked speculation about whether the sequel  to 2018’s God of War will be an exclusive release to the PlayStation 5, or if the game will also be released on the older PS4. It’s a question that applies not just to God of War, but all of Sony’s future releases as consumers consider when is the right time to update their console.

Even if a player decides they want to update their console, they might not be able to do so in the near future, as shortages are affecting availability for both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. Microsoft, for instance, has reported that the overwhelming popularity of the Xbox Series X means it might not be easy to obtain until April 2021, as supply rushes to catch-up with demand. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 5 remains sold out at all major retailers, with gamers hoping that Black Friday will create another opportunity to snag the elusive console. With the newest consoles hard to obtain, the question of which new games are exclusive to the newest generation of consoles becomes even more crucial.

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In an interview with the Telegraph, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan was asked by the interviewer about the future of PS5 exclusives. Currently, Demon’s Souls is the only Sony game that has launched exclusively for the PS5, and many third-party games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla released on both PS4 and PS5. When asked specifically about whether God of War: Ragnarok would release exclusively on PS5, Ryan simply replied, “Sorry. I’ve got nothing to say about that today.” It’s a non-committal answer that’s reflective of the uncertainty caused by the challenges posed by game development during a global pandemic.

What Sony Games are Releasing on Both PS5 and PS4?

Horizon Forbidden West Officially Launches On PS5 In 2021


Thus far, Sony has announced a surprising number of their studio-developed titles will release on both the PS4 and PS5. Launch game Spider-Man: Miles Morales, for instance, can be played on either console. Perhaps more surprising was the news that the hotly anticipated sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West, will release for both PS4 and PS5. This is particularly shocking given that the game is currently dated for the second half of 2021, indicating the trend of continuing to release across both generations will continue for the foreseeable future.

A year ago, God of War: Ragnarok being a PS5 exclusive would have seemed like a sure bet. Making games locked to a single console is a surefire way to encourage players to finally take the leap and upgrade their system. But given the uncertainties of the marketplace, and the difficulty players are encountering in buying a PS5 to begin with, it looks like Sony is taking the long view and preparing to continue to release games on the older PS4. With even Horizon Forbidden West releasing across generations, it seems like a real possibility that God of War: Ragnarok will also release on the PS4.

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Source: Telegraph

God of War: Ragnarok will release in 2021.

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