Xbox Series X/S Will Be Hard To Find In Stores Until At Least April


Xbox Series X/S supply shortages are projected to continue until April 2021. After strong pre-order numbers, the console is nearly impossible to find.

The Xbox Series X/S consoles are projected to be in short supply until at least April of 2021. After strong pre-order numbers resulted in shipping delays and physical scarcity on the consoles’ November launch date, it’s unlikely that the consoles will be staying on store shelves until early next year.

Microsoft reported that the launch day sales for the Xbox Series X/S resulted in its most successful console launch ever. Between both consoles, Microsoft reported that it sold almost 1.4 million units on launch day alone, with the Series X being the more successful of the two. The Series S is the cheaper model, but it appears that more consumers want the extra power (and the disk drive) offered by the Series X.

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According to the Video Games Chronicle, Microsoft is reporting that the Xbox Series X/S consoles will face supply shortages until the second quarter of 2021, or around April. The overwhelming number of pre-orders resulted in a limited supply of consoles available on launch day, and even some early buyers will need to wait until after the holidays for their pre-orders to be fulfilled. Microsoft is working on producing more consoles, and encourages potential buyers to keep checking their local retailers for any new stock.


Microsoft is working hard to refresh stock of its consoles as often as possible. The company has already advertised restock dates and times for Black Friday, one of the most important sales weeks of the year, but just how many units it will be able to produce and ship that week, in addition to fulfilling pre-orders, is unclear. Microsoft is encouraging buyers to check with their local retailers for restock update, but cannot confirm when the supply will be delivered.

The Xbox Series X/S consoles have been highly anticipated since their announcement, so the high volume of pre-orders and sales should have been expected by consumers and Microsoft alike. However, those who need to wait to get their consoles may see it as a blessing. The lucky few who were able to purchase the consoles have found a few issues with them, which will likely be smoothed out either with updated hardware or new firmware. Hopefully, Microsoft will take the time to build up their its stock and improve the Xbox Series X/S consoles as much as they possibly can, and avoid any new issues that may arise.

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Source: Video Games Chronicle

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