10 DCEU Characters Who’d Be The First To Die In A Horror Movie


The DCEU has a lot of formidable characters in it’s ranks, but which of them would be the first to be killed by the villain in a horror movie?

The DCEU is a movie universe filled with extraordinary humans and creatures that often times seem to hold the fate of the world in their hands. In theory, most of the characters who appear in the films should be the most formidable and difficult to defeat people in the world. But would that really hold true in a horror movie?

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Sure, plenty of the characters would survive to the end of a horror film and might even wind up killing the main villain themselves. However, quite a few of the DCEU characters would be the type to get killed first in a horror movie.

10 Victor Zsasz


Victor Zsasz is undoubtedly an intimidating and experienced killer in his own right, but if he found himself in a horror movie, he’d likely be easy pickings.

He’s not an independent thinker and he enjoys violence too much, so he seems like the type of person to confront the killer immediately and expecting to win, only to be killed in a shocking twist of fate.

9 The Joker

Jared Leto as the Joker in Suicide Squad

Mr. J may very well be the Clown Prince of Crime, but if a new killer were trying to make their name in Gotham, then the Joker is the most high profile and obvious target out there.

And while there have certainly been some intimidating iterations of the Joker portrayed on screen before, it’s honestly hard to see the Suicide Squad version as much of a threat. Joker would likely be killed and usurped at the beginning of any horror movie.

8 Etta Candy

Wonder Woman Trailer 2 - Etta Candy

Etta Candy is most definitely a formidable woman in her own right, and if people like Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman herself can recognize her strength and value, then she’s pretty special for a human.

However, she is still just a human. The fact that she is a regular person who spends a lot of her time with people and beings that are exceptionally more powerful than her doesn’t make her prospects for surviving a horror movie seem very good.

7 Commissioner Gordon

Much like Etta, the potential for Jim Gordon to die early on in a horror movie mostly stems from the fact that he’s a regular guy trying to play a very dangerous game.

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It’s extremely admirable that Gotham’s police commissioner is willing to put himself on the line to protect others, but that also means that when things start getting real, he’s likely first on the list to die.

6 Cassandra Cain

Cassandra Cain is both adorable and full of gumption, and it’s safe to say that she outclasses pretty much every other child on earth when it comes to survival skills. But she is still just a kid, and she has a serious habit of weaseling her way into extremely dangerous situations that she doesn’t know how to get out of.

If she didn’t have an entire squad of badasses protecting her, she would have been killed by Roman Sionis straight away.

5 Amanda Waller

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller is undeniably one of the most formidable human characters in the entirety of the DCEU, but where she would obviously run into problems in a horror movie is her arrogance.

She is the type of person who would believe that she could somehow control a killer or bend them to her will, so if she had to deal with one who just wanted to kill her, she wouldn’t stand a chance.

4 Silas Stone

Joe Morton as Silas Stone in Justice League

Silas Stone is obviously a genius, but he’s also someone who is willing to experiment with power that he doesn’t fully have a handle on, and that puts him in a lot of danger.

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If Silas were a horror movie character, he’d likely be the man who actually creates the main monster of the film. And in a classic horror movie twist, he’d likely be immediately killed by his own creation.

3 Roman Sionis

Roman Sionis is basically a horror movie killer in his own right, but honestly, if he had to square off against someone of his ilk then he’d likely come up the loser.

He has mostly gotten as far as he has because of his wealth and name, which would make him a significant target for a murderer. Not to mention, he was outfoxed and killed by a literal child, so an experienced killer could dispatch him lickety split.

2 Jonathan Kent

Jonathan Kent Man of Steel

Losing Jonathan Kent in Man of Steel was a heartbreaking twist, and although he’s a strong and tough guy, he likely wouldn’t do much better if confronted with a horror killer.

Frankly he wouldn’t do better because he wouldn’t want to do better. Jonathan’s heroism stems from the fact that he is willing to sacrifice himself to save others, and that would hold true in any circumstance.

1 Billy Batson

Billy Batson might stand a chance in a horror movie if he were already gifted with his Shazam powers, but even then he might be a pretty easy target for a horror movie villain.

He’s a sweet boy, which is exactly why he’d be such easy pickings for a horror killer, and if a villain were trying to pick off it’s easiest enemy first, then Billy would be the first up to bat.

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