10 Doctor Who Characters & Their Marvel Counterpart


If the main characters of Doctor Who existed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which superheroes (and villains) would they be most like?

Doctor Who and Marvel are two incredibly well-known and active universes with large fan bases and epic characters. Although they are two vastly different universes with different protagonists, villains, planets, and storylines, it’s quite easy to find the similarities.

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And with such similarities come comparisons, possible crossovers, character combinations and interactions, and of course, counterparts. Some aren’t that obvious, while others are difficult to deny.

10 Rose Tyler & Captain America – A Transformation

rose steve rogers


Rose Tyler and Steve Rogers were both transformed for the better through qualities they always had within them. They were assisted by outer forces, mainly people. Rose was whisked off into outer space with The Doctor, her nine to five job was blown up and her life turned around. Steve Rogers was selected to be the test subject for a new Super-Soldier serum and he found love, support, and truth in Peggy Carter. Both Rose and Steve were separated from their loved ones through forces they couldn’t escape. Some fans love them while others think they are overrated.

9 Donna Noble & Bucky Barnes – Amnesia

donna bucky

Donna Noble and Bucky Barnes are unfortunate in that they both suffered memory loss. Donna’s memories were wiped by The Doctor after her human brain couldn’t handle a Time Lord consciousness. Bucky Barnes fell off Zola’s train and was captured by the enemy, his memories erased and his mind reconfigured. As a result of their memory loss, both of them lost their best friend. Donna is loyal, brave, capable of brilliant banter. The same can be said of Bucky.

8 Tenth Doctor & Iron Man – Charisma & Presence

tenth doctor iron man

Charisma, charm, a vast intelligence, a playboy who really only had one love, and an unmistakable presence are just some things that The Tenth Doctor and Tony Stark have in common.

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They are both the Casanova of their respective universes and self-admitted geniuses. They both embraced what they were, went too far, and had to restart, humbling themselves.

7 River Song & Peggy Carter – Badass Women

peggy river song

Bold, brave, brilliant, and badass, River Song and Peggy Carter know their worth. These two women are warriors. Neither woman sacrifices her femininity in order to be respected, neither takes anything less than what they deserve. They are both sharp with their words and their combat skills. They are both compassionate and cutthroat.

6 The Master & Loki – Mischievous & Fickle In Allegiance

master missy loki

Just when viewers thought The Master was gone he/she appeared again, and again, and again. The Master was fickle in allegiance, constantly luring The Doctor and playing games but also making an alliance with his/her so-called enemy.

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And who in The Marvel Universe is also a trickster who people can’t help but hate and love? Loki. Both evade death time and time again, and both have done their fair share of dark deeds.

5 Eleventh Doctor & Bruce Banner – Gentle & A Temper

bruce banner eleventh doctor

A soft, kind man with a furious temper and a fierce rage hiding beneath, The Eleventh Doctor and Bruce Banner are much alike. Men of science and discovery, capable of destruction but believing in the good, believing in control, yet always simmering with great pain and loss. They are the man and the monster, the two sides that must find equilibrium to exist peacefully. They also both have a habit of running away from and trying to forget their problems.

4 Martha Jones & Wanda Maximoff – Self Worth & Acceptance

Both Martha Jones and Wanda Maximoff realized their true powers and their worth. Martha Jones stood in no one’s shadow. She saved The Doctor time after time, she walked the earth and saved mankind, she walked away from The Doctor and went to live her best life. Wanda Maximoff had difficulty wielding her powers, controlling her abilities, and felt guilty over the impact they had on those around her. Wanda came to believe in and accept herself.

3 Twelfth Doctor & Doctor Strange – Sarcasm & A Time Loop

twelfth doctor doctor strange

Men of sarcasm and wit, The Twelfth Doctor and Doctor Strange would either be delighted in each other’s company or each would set the other’s teeth on edge. But there is a soft center within, one that is self-sacrificing. Just as Doctor Strange tried to get Wong to laugh at his many joke attempts, The Twelfth Doctor also looked for admiration with his witty one-liners. But perhaps the greatest thing the two have in common is that they both experienced a time loop. The Twelfth Doctor was trapped in his confession dial and chose to slowly and painfully make his way through by dying over and over again. Doctor Strange faced Dormammu time and time again and faced death at the hands of the entity repeatedly.

2 Amy Pond & Black Widow – Sacrifice

amy natasha

The ones who stared death in the face, who closed themselves off, who found emotions hard to convey but opened up, who supported with fierce loyalty, who loved their family. Amy Pond chose to face a Weeping Angel with the hope that it would take her to her loved one, risking death and uncertainty to be with Rory.

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It didn’t matter that The Doctor pleaded her to stay, it was something she needed to do. Natasha Romanoff gave up her life in return for the Soul Stone despite Clint’s pleading. She did it to save her family and the universe.

1 Rory Williams & Scott Lang – The Underdog

ant man rory

Rory Williams is loveable, awkward, and a badass. He’s underappreciated by those around him but shows he exists for more than the sole purpose of comic relief. Scott Lang is a funny guy who jokes around. He’s relatable, sweet, and protective. Both Rory and Scott are proud of the strong women in their lives. They will do anything for the people they love.

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