10 Hilarious Mandalorian Season 2 Memes That Are The Way


Disney’s The Mandalorian is rife with meme-able material, and these 10 Instagram memes prove just how hilarious the show can be.

The Mandalorian is a successful Disney+ television series that is a new entry in the Star Wars franchise. The series follows the titular Mandalorian warrior (Pedro Pascal) on various storylines with a child Yoda at his side.

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Fans of the first season of The Mandalorian produced countless hilarious memes about the show, and the second season is shaping up to be exactly the same. Even though there have only been a few episodes released of the second season, there is already a multitude of memes, and here are some of the funniest so far.

10 Baby Yoda At Starbucks

mandalorian baby yoda starbucks meme


In Season 2 of The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda eats a decent amount of the Frog-Lady’s eggs that she’s trying to transport to her husband to save her race from being extinct. Unfortunately, Baby Yoda keeps eating them as a snack in this meme from Instagram, and it seems that he’s not able to stop, which is a perfect analogy for when you swear off something, like Starbucks coffee, but immediately find yourself right back at it again.

9 Baby Yoda’s In Charge

mandalorian baby yoda mando meme

Din Djarin’s Mandalorian is an obvious leader, but, when it comes to the Child, he isn’t really in control. Djarin is able to lead and command most anyone on the show, but he has a soft spot for Baby Yoda.

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Baby Yoda likes to do what he wants, and Djarin doesn’t have it in him to discipline the Child, whether it’s not staying in the ship or pressing random buttons or eating eggs, Baby Yoda is in charge in the show in this meme from Instagram.

8 Going To The Dark Side

mandalorian baby yoda meme

In this meme, Palpatine tries to bribe Baby Yoda to join the Dark Side, and it might have worked, seeing how the Child loves the eggs Palpatine is offering in this meme. It’s hilarious to think that Baby Yoda could be tempted to turn to the Dark Side just for a snack, and this meme captures what might have turned the Child bad.

7 Baby Yoda’s Baby Bank Account

baby yoda bank account meme

Baby Yoda is always adorable and hilarious when he gets angry, and this meme re-imagines the angry Child as relatably looking at your bank account and finding a much smaller number than it should be in fact it’s a negative number. It’s a pretty hilarious meme from Instagram that takes the scene from the first episode of the second season where Baby Yoda hides out in the vase on the floor.

6 Go Mando!

mandalorian 3am meme

The Mandalorian fans have patiently waited for every new episode of the series each week, and this meme from Instagram shows how excited fans are for each new episode. The meme takes a familiar SpongeBob Squarepants format and hilariously adds in Mando fanfare to show that of course, Mandalorian fans will wake up at three in the morning on a Friday to watch the new episode.

5 Baby Yoda’s Food

baby yoda food meme

Baby Yoda had a hilarious moment when he looked into an enclosure of eggs and had his face distorted. The image was so perfect that it immediately became a meme, and this one comparing Baby Yoda to watching food in the microwave is pretty relatable. Baby Yoda looking and admiring his next egg meal in this meme from Instagram makes the scene relatable and hilarious to the viewer.

4 The Poor Eggs

mandalorian kermit meme

This Instagram meme is again about Baby Yoda eating the Frog Lady’s eggs. There have been countless memes made about this scene since there was such a strong reaction to the Child eating the eggs.

The meme has Kermit the Frog instead of the Frog Lady from Mandalorian, which makes it even funnier, as Kermit is such a recognizable figure in the meme world. Also, calling Baby Yoda a green elf is pretty hilarious, as well.

3 Where’s The Chickie Nuggies?

baby yoda chickie nuggies meme

In this Instagram meme, Baby Yoda is not happy with the lunch that Mando has packed for him because one crucial item is missing: the chickie nuggies. Chickie nuggies show up in a lot of memes, and the idea that the Child would love them so much and be upset with Djarin for not packing them in his lunch is a pretty hilarious meme.

2 Freedom!

baby yoda mandalorian meme

Baby Yoda has countless adorable moments in The Mandalorian and riding with Djarin in a bag on the back of his ship. This meme from Instagram uses the photo of the Child having the time of his life riding in the wind with his head out of Mando’s bag.

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1 Baby Yoda, Canceled?

baby yoda cancelled meme

Baby Yoda eating the Frog-Lady’s eggs has become a controversial joke in the series before The Mandalorian had to backtrack and explain that Baby Yoda wasn’t actually causing extinction by eating the eggs. This meme from Instagram puts together Baby Yoda eating the Frog-Lady’s eggs, and the iconic quote from The Dark Knight to make one hilarious meme.

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