10 Small Details You May Have Missed In Pixar’s Posters


Pixar is known for littering their movies with small easter eggs and details, but they actually do the same thing with their posters.

When it comes to animated movies, Pixar is totally on top of their game. With countless Oscars to their name, a never-ending supply of box office records and a huge array of beloved characters that fans simply can’t get enough of, it’s fair to say that every aspect of Pixar’s game is well thought out.

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However, there’s one area of production that Pixar really makes sure has enough detail to sell the film. The posters are of course a huge aspect of the marketing campaign, but they can often include various secrets about the direction the plot may be going in. Plenty of Pixar posters have tiny details that many people would have missed.

10 Coco: Hector’s Photo


Coco is the story of a young boy who finds himself in the land of the dead after stealing the guitar of a famous musician, who he believes to be his great grandfather. In order to save his real relative, he must return a photo to the land of the living.

Memories are what keeps those in the land of the dead from passing on to the final sleep. The poster actually teases the end of the film, with Mama Coco holding the picture of Hector in her hand; with this photo becoming a major plot point.

9 Toy Story 4: Woody’s Missing String

Toy Story 4 really marked the end of an era. One of the biggest changes in the film is that Woody actually gave up his famous speech box, in order to give another toy a second life. This was a huge piece of conflict in the film.

The posters have carefully positioned Woody so that the string usually found on his back can’t actually be seen. This is a foreshadowing of what’s to come, since Woody will never utter the words ‘there’s a snake in my boot,’ again.

8 Up: Ellie’s Badge

pixar up poster

 Up is perhaps one of Pixar’s most emotional films. The core of that emotion is the relationship between protagonist Carl and his late wife Ellie. His desire to move his house to South America is based on his affection for the love of his life.

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One of the ways in which Ellie always remains with Carl is through his grape juice badge that he carries with him. He eventually passes this onto to Russell, as a symbolic moment. Unlike all the other posters it’s important that this one features that very badge.

7 Inside Out: Collapse Of The Lands

For Riley, her mind is a complex place as she continues to grow up. Moving away from home to a new city is a big change for her and it might be a bit too much. She goes into a bit of a lockdown, with the insides of her mind falling apart.

Her mind is separated into different lands that represent different things. For instance, friendship island is one that collapses. Behind the control panel on the poster, there are only slight remnants of islands in the distance, showcasing the chaos.

6 Onward: The Importance Of The Mountains

Onward is Pixar’s latest project and it didn’t fail to deliver on both the heart-warming and hilarious moments that an animated film from this studio always manages to deliver. The poster helps to actually keep the big twist in the film intact.

The background of the poster highlights the mountains, an area that the brothers must go to save their dad. Of course, this isn’t actually the location they need to be at. Instead, they must be at the school; a twist teased by the poster thanks to its emphasis on the mountains not the school.

5 Monsters Inc: Relying On Mike

Mike and Sully are best of friends but that doesn’t stop them from having a major conflict throughout the film. In fact, at their lowest point they are stuck in Antarctica with the Abominable Snowman and left to die.

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They argue, with Mike saying that Sully relies too much on him and he can’t do anything by himself. Ironically the poster foreshadows this by having Sully literally lean on Mike, demonstrating the rift between the pair.

4 Wall-E: Hiding The Planet

wall-e movie poster

Wall-E’s main job is to tidy up all the rubbish on Earth, but the film didn’t want to make too clear before its release that it was a future Earth that he was operating on. The poster therefore is very sneaky in its presentation.

It puts Wall-E on what looks like the moon, looking down on Earth, but the landscape he is actually on is Earth itself. It’s a bit of a trick to throw audiences off the scent before going to the movies to witness this space adventure.

3 Finding Nemo: Sydney

One of the most important locations for the rescue of Nemo is Sydney, Australia. In fact many times Dory recounts the famous address that she and Marlin are heading towards. The poster for the film references this.

Nemo’s point of rescue can be seen at the top of the poster, with the Sydney Opera House clearly demonstrating in the background that Nemo’s family are off to Australia to try and find him.

2 Brave: The Transformation

brave poster

Brave is built up on the relationship between a daughter and her mother. It’s all set around the mother turning into a bear. The character can actually be seen in the background of the poster, as can the blue lights at the forefront.

The blue glows throughout this poster are representative of the transformation. With her mother surrounded by a blinding blue light, it not only shows the initial transformation but teases the fact the Merida’s mother will no longer be a bear.

1 Incredibles 2: Villain’s Identity

The family of superheroes known as The Incredibles got a sequel movie to their hit original film. A new movie does mean new threats, but no one was quite sure who was going to be behind the mysterious hacker.

To keep the audience guessing, the two main suspects for the villain role aren’t actually on the poster. Winston Deaver is the main suspect, although it’s actually his sister who ends up behind the mask. Neither feature on this display.

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