Animal Crossing’s Best Rewards (& How To Get Them)


These rewards in Animal Crossing are notable testaments to a player’s time and hard work in New Horizons. Here’s the best rewards and how to get them.

There are certain desirable items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that can only be obtained after the player has completed a specific task or series of steps to receive these exclusive rewards. Here are some of the best Animal Crossing rewards a New Horizons player can receive in the island simulator, and how to get them.

These Animal Crossing rewards differ from items that can be purchased from Nook’s Cranny in New Horizons, even if they are worth a lot of bells. They require notable achievements and usually a good amount of time spent earning them. Additionally, they will not include sought-after seasonal or event items, although these can also take time and effort to get.

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The Animal Crossing rewards on this list are obtainable through hard work and dedication, and they serve as a recognition that the player has achieved a great deal. However, like almost any item in New Horizons, these rewards can be gifted or traded by another player who has already earned them. Still, the feeling of accomplishing a particularly trying chore by oneself is a huge honor, and the following awards symbolize the completion of these feats.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Golden Tools

Animal Crossing New Horizons GoldenTools


Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Gold Watering can is probably the most thrilling award, as the DIY for it is given by Isabelle after the player obtains a five star island – one of the biggest accomplishments in the game. The Gold Fishing Rod DIY is sent in the mail after the player has caught all 80 fish and completed that section in the Critterpedia. The Gold Net has the same criteria except the player must catch all 80 insects in New Horizons.

Animal Crossing’s Gold Shovel recipe will also show up in the mail after the player has encountered and helped Gulliver dig up his communicator parts 30 times. The Gold Axe is received after breaking 100 axes, and is easiest to get by using and breaking flimsy axes. Most players receive the Gold Slingshot before any other gold tool DIY, as it’s given to the player after shooting down 300 balloons in the form of another floating gift, this time carried by a gold balloon.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Framed Villager Photos

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Becoming best friends with New Horizons’ villagers on a player’s island is another notable feat in which that villager will award the player with their framed Animal Crossing villager portrait. To do this, players must simply interact with a villager as much as possible. Giving them a wrapped furniture gift a day is the quickest way to obtain this. If the villager’s birthday is coming up, attending their birthday party and gifting a wrapped present can raise their friendship level even quicker.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Blue Roses

Animal Crossing New Horizons Blue Rose

Trying to crossbreed any flower variant can be quite a challenge, but waking up one day to find a blue rose after weeks of trying is quite the accomplishing feeling, as blue roses in particular require several generations of color cross-breeding, a lot of time, and a bit of luck. Even then, probably the easiest method is purchasing two packs of white roses. Breeding with seed-grown flowers is key to getting blue roses in New Horizons. After a purple rose blooms, breed that with a seed red rose until a pink rose pops up. Any clones should be discarded or moved to eliminate confusion. Breed the pink rose with a seed yellow rose until a red rose spawns and move it to a plot of land with space for more flowers to grow. Keep watering the pink and yellow until another red rose spawns, eliminating any clones in the process. Place the second red rose by the first one that was separated into the designated spot of land. Eventually, these should produce a blue rose.

These are probably the most difficult, and therefore the most satisfying, rewards a player can receive. Of course there’s other great items like the Gulliver or Gullivarrr-specific gifts that are mailed to the player upon helping the seagull and his pirate counterpart – or even the accumulation of Nook miles that can be redeemed for exclusive items at the Nook Stop. Yet those still don’t compare to the gold tools, blue roses, and framed photos, which are notable testaments to a player’s dedication and hard work in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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