Buffy The Vampire Slayer Characters & Their Disney Counterparts


The characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are magical and heroic in their own right, but what are their appropriate Disney counterparts?

The characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are all extraordinary and interesting in their own way. Despite living in a relatively realistic world, they still also live in a world where fantastical and magical things are possible, where in fact the fantastical and magical is a part of their every day lives.

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Although the Disney universe is much lighter and happier than the demon and darkness-ridden world of Buffy, it’s not hard to imagine the characters of BtVS as Disney characters either. So then, what would the Disney counterparts of Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters be?

10 Andrew Wells – Iago

andrew wells buffy iago aladdin


It’s hard not to notice the similarities between characters like Iago from Aladdin and Andrew Wells from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Despite both being on the bad guys team at the start, they’re not pure evil, and for the most part they find themselves being pushed around by their truly evil leaders. Thankfully, they both eventually flip sides, and of course, offer a huge amount of comic relief when they do it.

9 Angel – Beast

beast angel

Clearly there is no character in the entirety of the Disney universe that is a more appropriate comparison to Angel than Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

A normal man who transforms into a monster and becomes the worst version of himself because of it is exactly what Angel goes through when he becomes a vampire and when he loses his soul and reverts to his soulless Angelus persona.

8 Tara Maclay – Merryweather

merryweather sleeping beauty tara maclay buffy

In Sleeping Beauty, Merryweather was the fairy who didn’t get the opportunity to give Sleeping Beauty her gift before Maleficent cursed her, so she uses her gift to prevent Aurora from dying.

This seems like it would be an on-brand decision for someone like Tara as well, given that she is blessed with some pretty exceptional magical powers but is very strict about using them for good.

7 Dawn Summers – Anna

dawn summers anna frozen

The world of Disney is actually chock full of interesting and fun little sisters, but it seems like Frozen’s Anna has the most in common with Buffy’s baby sister, Dawn Summers.

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Buffy is a hero and blessed with exceptional powers just like Elsa is, but Dawn herself brings a lot to the table and really helps Buffy embrace who she’s meant to be, just like Anna does.

6 Anya Jenkins – Genie

anya jenkins buffy genie aladdin

Of course, in the most literal sense possible, Anya Jenkins and the Genie from Aladdin are quite similar. For around a millennium, Anya was capable of granting people’s wishes until she lost her powers. Genie was also a wish granter for years, until Aladdin finally freed him.

In addition to the similarities in their powers, Anya and the Genie also provide a lot of necessary comic relief to the stories of Buffy and Aladdin.

5 Spike – Flynn Rider

spike flynn rider

Although Spike is a bit more of a legitimate bad boy than any Disney princes, it’s hard not to see the common threads between a character like Spike and a character like Flynn Rider. Flynn might not be an outright monstrous murderer, but he has done his share of wrong in his lifetime.

However, nothing whips Flynn or Spike into shape quite like true love. Drusilla and Buffy inspired devotion and loyalty in Spike, just like Rapunzel did for Flynn.

4 Rupert Giles – Edna Mode

edna mode rupert giles

Edna Mode may not be a superhero in the world of The Incredibles, but she is a key mastermind behind those superheroes.

She’s smart, confident, always thinks she knows best, and has a close relationship with the people that save the world, which is very much the same role that Rupert Giles plays in the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Giles can even match Edna’s impeccable sass.

3 Xander Harris – Olaf

olaf xander harris

Obviously Xander Harris could only be one of Disney’s most iconic comic relief characters. There are quite a few Disney sidekicks who provide laughs in their films, but Olaf seems like he’d be the best match for Xander.

Not only is Olaf hilarious, but he is loving, loyal, sincere, and has a heart of gold. Xander isn’t quite as flawless and sweet as Olaf, but he is the heart of the Scooby gang and when it comes down to it, he’ll do anything for the people that he loves.

2 Willow Rosenberg – Belle

belle willow rosenberg

Although Belle is lucky enough to live in a town that does not appear to be situated on a Hellmouth, she is still the resident town nerd that most people don’t really understand.

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Willow is pretty much the same, as everyone outside of the Scooby gang doesn’t seem to appreciate what a clever little badass she is. And like Belle, although she doesn’t seek danger, she doesn’t cower in the face of it either.

1 Buffy Summers – Merida

buffy summers merida

Buffy and Merida share a lot in common. They are both destined to do great things, but a lot of the people around them feel like they know what’s best, and they are constantly torn between what they’re being told to do and what they feel that they should do.

But the truth is, they can never truly succeed in life without following their hearts and being themselves, and that is what truly distinguishes them from the average slayer or princess.

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