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Treyarch has finally detailed how prestige and the progression system works in Black Ops Cold War. This system comes to Warzone in December.

Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War released earlier this week, and many players are wondering if the prestige system will stay how it has been in previous Black Ops games, or if there is a new or updated system. The developer has announced that the old prestige system and player levelling system will be coming back, with a few changes. Luckily, Treyarch has detailed exactly what these changes are, so players are able to figure out how much they can level up.

Firstly, players will have to start at level 1 and are able to advance up to level 55, unlocking various equipment, perks, and weapons in Black Ops Cold War as they go. After level 55, players can continue their levelling through prestiges, and will first start on season level 1. Players will still be able to keep their Create-A-Class rewards that they have unlocked, even after their prestige. This current prestige system will stay until the start Black Ops Cold War of season 1 in December.

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After completing all 55 levels and getting to the first prestige in Black Ops Cold War, players then have two more prestiges to try to get before season 1 starts. In Black Ops Cold War’s second prestige, players will be able to earn a weapon blueprint when they are season level 50. Finally, players will reach the third prestige in Black Ops Cold War when they get season level 100. After season 1 starts, everyone’s level will be automatically reset, and they will start from the beginning of the highest prestige that they had previously reached.

What Are The Prestige Levels in Black Ops Cold War?

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War


In previous Call of Duty games, players would be able to prestige about every 55 levels up to master prestige. Black Ops Cold War will turn to a system like this in December, allowing players to prestige at level 50, 100, 150, and 200. After receiving prestige master in a season, players will be able to work up to level 1000, and will earn various rewards at every 50 levels. Weapon blueprints, prestige icons, calling cards, and prestige keys are all examples of these rewards.

Black Ops Cold War also features a prestige shop, which further rewards players for their prestige. They can spend prestige keys on legacy icons that are from previous Call of Duty titles. Level prestiges won’t just be for Black Ops Cold War, though. Starting in December, this progression system will link with Modern Warfare and Warzone to allow players to progress in each game. Through the battle pass, players will even be able to earn rewards on each game just by playing one or the other.

This new prestige system could get players excited and ready to grind out future Call of Duty seasons. The emblems, weapon blueprints, and prestige keys that players are rewarded for advancing in the battle pass may be great motivation for lots of players. However, Activision has stated that players who don’t want to advance in Black Ops Cold War and instead want to stay on Modern Warfare are, thankfully, currently still able to advance in the Modern Warfare battle pass.

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