CBS Sends Janelle Her BB Comic, All-Stars Key & VIP Pass


CBS sent Janelle Pierzina a box full of Big Brother 22: All-Stars memorabilia that includes her BB Comic, houseguest key, and Safety Suite VIP Pass.

CBS sent Janelle Pierzina a box full of Big Brother 22: All-Stars memorabilia that includes her ‘The Bombshell’ BB Comic, houseguest key, and Safety Suite VIP Pass. Needless to say, the fans were very excited to see this four-time Big Brother player and two-time All-Star back on the show for another shot to win the coveted $500,000 grand prize. Unfortunately, just like on BB14, her fellow houseguests couldn’t ignore the massive target that Janelle has always had on this show. She was targeted since hour one of day one, but the dominant Committee alliance only managed to get her out in week 3.

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Janelle Pierzina’s s ultimate Big Brother dilemma has always been the same, even when she first appeared on BB6 and technically didn’t have any reputation on the show. Whether it is deliberate or accidental, Janelle always ends up being put at the center of a bullseye. She is always seen as a threat, as a dangerous player, and as a competitive force. And she is, indeed, all of those things. But there’s something to be said about the oversized target that is typically placed on her back, as a powerful woman that refuses to hide behind men or follow their instructions to get farther in the game.

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Over the years, some returning players have hinted at the fact that they received from CBS a box full of memorabilia from their Big Brother season. But it seems like these things aren’t always sent to every single houseguest – just to the people that actually request these items to be sent to them. Nonetheless, it seems like CBS has sent Janelle Pierzina a bunch of Big Brother 22: All-Stars memorabilia from her time on the show. The box included Janelle’s ‘The Bombshell’ cover from the BB Comics competition, her BB22 houseguest key, and even her Safety Suite VIP Pass. As seen in the screenshots below, Janelle shared it all through her Instagram Stories.


Janelle was one of the Big Brother: All-Stars players that grew the most on social media. Prior to this season, Janelle had 81,000 followers on Instagram. As of this writing, she has grown her social media reach to 258,000 Instagram followers. Given how many people she reaches, Janelle is getting a lot of marketing sponsors that want her to promote their products. Aside from being a successful real estate agent and a mainstream reality TV star, Janelle can add to her resume that she’s now a major social media influencer, too.

Despite only lasting three weeks inside the Big Brother 22: All-Stars house, Janelle made a bigger impact on the show than a lot of contestants that got way further into the game. She is the BB Queen, after all.

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Sources: Janelle Pierzina’s Instagram

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