DC’s Heroes Enter Their Final Battle For The Multiverse


The final battle for the Multiverse has come in DC’s Death Metal, seeing the heroes finally ready to embrace change and stop the Darkest Knight

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Dark Nights: Death Metal #5

Dark Nights: Death Metal has taken fans on an extremely insane ride, seeing the final days of the DC Multiverse as its heroes and readers know it to be. The Batman Who Laughs has leveled up, becoming a god known as the Darkest Knight, and the heroes’ plan to destroy him and restore the multiverse with crisis energy failed. Instead, the Darkest Knight took that power, using it to create his own brand new multiverse of darkness. With the Darkest Knight having already begun forming his nightmare worlds and the heroes feeling utterly defeated, Lex Luthor arrives with the solution, inspiring the heroes to prepare for their final battle using truth and the will to fight like there’s no tomorrow.

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Everything the heroes have tried and done thus far has failed. Wonder Woman attempted to kill the Batman Who Laughs, but that’s exactly what he wanted, allowing his mind to placed in the body of Batmanhattan (it’s exactly what it sounds like), which transformed him into the powerful Darkest Knight. Then, when they tried to collect enough crisis energy to restore the Multiverse and defeat both Perpetua and the Darkest Knight, that too went according to the Darkest Knight’s plan. He tricked the heroes and absorbed the energy which gave him enough power to betray Perpetua. Now, Luthor has arrived, having allied himself with Lobo to procure Death Metal itself.

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In Dark Nights: Death Metal #5 from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, Luthor reveals to Wonder Woman and the other heroes that they’ve been going about finding a solution all wrong. Luthor’s been recording and studying everything in the multiverse, including that which has come before (even before the major crises and subsequent universal reboots). Luthor tells Wonder Woman that the truth has to be what they use to win the day, whether good or bad and that they have to use anti-crisis energy to defeat the Darkest Knight.


While crisis energy plays upon fears and the desire to change history, focusing on creating a new present (like The New 52 or Rebirth rebooted universes), anti-crisis energy connects everyone and everything, remembering the past and history despite the various crises. By using a machine Luthor has built with the Death Metal, they can unknot the timeline of all the crises that’s made them forget their past. While some heroes may die or be changed as a result, Wonder Woman realizes that the truth will set them all free and help them achieve victory, despite creating an uncertain future. Realizing what they must do, The DC Trinity gathers all of the Earth’s heroes and villains to destroy their world, which will prevent the Darkest Knight from creating any more worlds for his dark multiverse. Along with Luthor’s machine, they may be able to create enough anti-crisis energy to destroy him.

It’s an incredibly risky plan, and does imply that the end result may have readers seeing their favorite heroes reverted back to how they once were in previous iterations of the DC Universe, or even no longer in existence at all. As Perpetua warned Wonder Woman in their first battle: to use anti-crisis energy means that everything matters, good or bad, which is why Wonder Woman gave into her fears and hesitated, giving Perpetua the time she needed to create the universe of Death Metal in the first place. However, Wonder Woman now knows that the anti-crisis energy’s power may just help them win the day.

Despite having cut off the Darkest Knight’s ability to create any more worlds by destroying their own, the heroes and villains of the DC Universe still have to contend with the worlds he’s already made, and they’re surprised to find that he made much more than they initially thought. Regardless, there’s now more of a real chance to fight back than ever before in Dark Nights: Death Metal and the heroes are ready to embrace not just a new future, but the entirety of their forgotten pasts as well.

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