Demon’s Souls Remake Dev Taunts Players Over Mysterious Locked Door


Demon’s Souls remake developer Bluepoint Games is teasing fans searching for the secret behind a locked door that didn’t appear in the original game.

Demon’s Souls remake developer Bluepoint Games is teasing players over their investigation of a hidden, locked door it added for the PlayStation 5 release. Demon’s Souls is a mostly faithful remake, adding features like a respec system and a few new items, but not bringing in new content or replacing parts of the game cut before its original release.

The hidden door has complicated that somewhat, adding something that didn’t appear in the original Demons’ Souls on PS3 and suggesting that there might be even more new additions to find behind it. Shortly after the remake’s release, Demon’s Souls players and prominent content creators in the game’s community began posting about the door, which is hidden behind an illusory wall. Some players managed to peak behind the door by using the game’s photo mode to maneuver the camera, revealing that it hides the corpse of a knight holding an unknown item. One speedrunner even managed to use a glitch to get beyond the door, but the courtyard on the other side is protected by invisible walls keeping the secret item safe.

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Clearly, all the attention on Demon’s Souls’ hidden door hasn’t escaped the notice of Bluepoint. The developer tweeted an image of the corpse beyond the door today modeled after a faded postcard, with the words “Wish you were here!” emblazoned across it. The developer tagged several Demon’s Souls content creators, including VaatiVidya, who previously tweeted about the hidden door, and Distortion2, who used a glitch to get closer to the mysterious item than anyone else. Along with the image, the tweet contains the phrase “A symphony of rumors…” which is sure to set off even more speculation about how it might be subtly hinting toward the key to the whole puzzle.

Rumors abound over what exactly the item on the corpse could be. Demon’s Souls fans have speculated online that it could be the original version of an armor set redesigned for the remake or the key to yet another mystery. Some fans are even holding out hope that it could point the way to DLC at some point in the future. To get to the heart of that mystery, though, someone will first have to find a way past the door.

Bluepoint Games is treading something of a dangerous line with the mysterious item behind the door. Some fans of the original Demon’s Souls have protested any changes being made from the original, particularly when they came in the form of new armor added for the remake. Anything that’s too big of a change from the original could upset fans further, but if the item behind the door ends up being underwhelming, that could easily set fans off as well. Either way, it’s fun to watch Bluepoint bait the notoriously sleuthy Demon’s Souls community in the meantime.

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Demon’s Souls is available on PlayStation 5.

Source: Bluepoint Games/Twitter

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