Fake PS5s Are Already Being Sold By Scammers To Trick Online Shoppers


Due to the high demand for PS5s, scammers are already making fake PS5s to trick people into purchasing these fake products, costing up to $1,000.

The Playstation 5 has been out for almost a week, and scammers are already trying to sell fakes. Everyone is eager to get their hands on the latest Playstation console, but everyone should be aware of the scammers that try to take advantage of this high demand. While there are stores like Walmart selling the console periodically, people may not have the patience to wait and willing to purchase a PS5 with less secure methods.

It may be difficult to obtain a PlayStation 5 right away, especially when everyone else wants one. For starters, there may not even be enough PS5s in stock, as seen with the sheer amount of people pre-ordering the console. There are also issues like prices being too expensive. With there being so many potential issues with purchasing a PS5, people may shift to other methods using websites like eBay or Craigslist. However, these websites can’t guarantee that the person selling your PS5 isn’t a scammer.

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ERN made a post on Instagram warning people to be cautious when purchasing a PS5 online. He found a deal online that was selling the new console, and upon meeting with the seller, he was given a legitimate-looking box. However, upon looking inside, the console was a complete fake. With every right to be frustrated, ERN even kicks the fake console away, telling the scammer he won’t buy it. The most ridiculous part of the deal was that the scammer was selling the fake product for $1,000, which is double what the PS5 originally sells for.

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Especially due to the PS5’s high demand, now is the time to be as cautious as possible. Whenever purchasing a PS5 that isn’t from an official seller or store, be sure to check the product before purchasing. Even though the console is sold out in a lot of places, it might also be better to be patient and wait for when it restocks. It is also predicted that stores may begin putting the PS5 on sale in about six months, so that may be the best time to purchase it. Sure, it’s a much longer wait, but it’s the most secure and probably the cheapest way of getting a PS5. As seen from the scammer, PS5s can sell up to double the price of what the PS5 originally costs.

When a console offers a wide selection of games along with the latest technology in graphics, it makes sense why so many people would want to purchase it. During times like these, patience is most important. While getting a PS5 as soon as possible might be awesome, getting scammed for thousands of dollars is a lot worse than having to wait.

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Source: ERN/Instagram

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