Fishing & Turkeys & Bears, Oh My!


Amazon’s New World introduces players to the swampy region of Reekwater and presents them with the relaxing pastime of catching lots of fish.

New World is an ambitious MMO project from Amazon Game Studio set in the vast open world of Aeturnum. Screen Rant was given early access to preview a new region of Aeturnum called Reekwater and was given a first look at New World‘s fishing system. Reekwater is a boggy swampland where players will be met with a slew of high-level wildlife, and the beautiful yet mysterious landscape quickly proves to be an unforgiving graveyard.

It is important to note that the preview build of Reekwater is in Alpha. Much like the marsh itself, a few hitches and graphical errors made the experience a bit soggy, but the overall experience was a delight, which is a perplexing notion when taking in the dark and gloomy atmosphere of Reekwater. The region of Reekwater is a network of dangerous wetlands with each area within the region feeling like a completely different place. However, these differences are tied together by the wildlife and watering holes.

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Reekwater is, in essence, a haunted bayou that threatens to kill the player at every turn. Whether it be alpha wolves, ghostly pirates, or monstrous plant tentacles, players exploring Reekwater should expect danger at all times. Yet the introduction of fishing and rare fishing holes makes it easy for those fears to fade away. Venturing across Reekwater is a ton of fun, but stopping every once in a while to take a load off and fish is what makes New World feel unique compared to other MMOs. It’s fun for players to fight and test their strength against elemental bears, but it’s also nice to pitch a tent in the hollow of a massive tree.

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New World’s fishing goes beyond allowing the player to relax, and the system can be complex despite the simplicity behind casting a line. Players will be able to craft bait for their lines, while different rods can be purchased and crafted with each one yielding different stats. Players can fish in any body of water, but some areas are known as rare fishing spots. There are a bunch of different fish for players to catch and add to their collection, but the most prized fish are the hardest to find and most difficult to catch. While fishing is an optional task that players can perform, it adds another layer of personal progression and enjoyment to New World.

When first entering Reekwater, it feels no different than walking into an ordinary forest on a hunting trip. To solidify this feeling, players should opt for a rifle or a bow as their weapon of choice. The common wildlife feels familiar as bison, bunnies, turkeys, and wolves are always within a few feet of the player. Traveling deeper into the heart of Reekwater, the simple forest becomes a maze of exposed tree roots and deceptively deep puddles. These areas are also home to some of Reekwater’s most fearsome creatures that even high-level players will struggle with.

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All in all, New World’s Reekwater is a fantastic experience. After only a couple of hours of play, the darkest depths of Aeturnum continue to call the player back. New World can be an addicting experience and is gearing up to be a fantastic MMO from Amazon Game Studios. If the rest of Aeturnum is as interesting and lively as Reekwater, then players will have a lot to look forward to when New World is released in 2021.

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New World will release in Spring 2021 on the PC.

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