GameStop Black Friday Countdown Has Deals On PS4, Switch, Xbox One Games


GameStop is announcing some solid discounts as part of the Black Friday Countdown Sale, which will see sales on current-gen games and Funko Pops.

GameStop has lifted the curtain on the next phase of its Black Friday Countdown Sale, offering substantial discounts on several prominent video games from the current generation. A countdown to the day is certainly warranted, especially this year; several prominent retailers have already confirmed the restock times for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X on Black Friday. The new consoles have been impossible to keep in stock since their release earlier this month. Desperate fans even crashed Wal-Mart’s website several times during the launch of the PS5.

The current generation of video games is still a perfectly valid way for fans to spend their time waiting for another chance to make the leap, though, which is certainly at least part of the impetus for GameStop’s Black Friday Countdown Sale. Fans looking to score a good deal from the store might be leery of its spotted reputation, however. The retail chain was infamously lax on its COVID-19 regulations when lockdowns started being issued across the country. Its PR also took a hit when it was discovered that the company was hosting a Tiktok dance competition for its workers, with the winners getting the privilege of working extra hours on Black Friday, in what appears to be a very dystopian effort at workplace motivation.

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Still, there will be some good deals during the Black Friday Countdown Sale, which is set to start this Thursday, November 19th, and run until November 21st. The most prominent single deal GameStop is offering is $29 for both the steelbook version of Persona 5 Royal and a bonus Funko Pop depicting the phantom thief Yusuke, AKA Fox. Other Pop figures worth $14.99 or more are being discounted by 25%. Funk Pops have always been somewhat controversial items, but the overwhelming breadth of pop culture media they encompass mean they’re still solid gift choices for the right person. GameStop is also offering 40% off holiday décor and 25% off board games. Select current-gen titles can be found in the store for $10 off, including Borderlands 3. Fans can also get $10 off a Fight Pad Pro controller for their Nintendo Switch, which should help them deal with Joy-Con drift and give them an edge on the Smash Bros circuit.

Persona 5 Yusuke Header


Black Friday is always a hectic time for consumers, and the same is especially true in the video game scene. As more and more companies open up with information on their planned Black Friday deals, more and more gamers get ready to open their wallets. Next-Gen consoles are certain to be far from the only things players can avail themselves of on the big day.

GameStop is providing some choice deals to get players in the spending mood. Its insistence on doing business in person is an objectionable one during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the merchandise can’t be denied. It remains to be seen how many fans will swallow their pride and head into GameStop this Thursday.

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