Gears 5: Best Things to Do After Beating The Game


A guide explaining what players can do after beating the game Gears 5. It can include playing with friends or altering the campaign’s difficulty.


Gears 5 is a third-person shooter where players are put into the shoes of Kait Diaz as she tries to uncover her past and determine her relationship with the Cog and the Swarm. With a good portion of the story being dedicated to the activation and use of the massive war asset known as the Hammer of Dawn, the campaign is filled with compelling characters as the protagonist fights to protect what is left of a crumbling world.

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But once players finish the main campaign, what else is there to do? What can the player do to have fun or just spend more time playing the game they paid for? Thankfully the game has several game modes to choose from if the player wants a change of pace. Or players can set their own goals by setting up specific challenges.

Replay Campaign on a Harder Difficulty in Gears 5


If players are not interested in PvP or traditional multilayer, then paying the main campaign again is always an option. With the game offering bonus difficulties and several damage multipliers, replaying the main campaign can actually be fun.

Provided the player is interested in challenging themselves and overcoming difficult obstacles, the campaign can be tailored to the player’s preference. In addition, players can also bring in their weapon and character skins into the campaign as well. Bonus points if the player puts the campaign on its highest difficulty and brings friends along for the ride. There’s even a few nice achievements the player can earn if they play on the highest difficulty!

Cooperate with Friends in Gear 5’s Versus Mode

It’s no secret that playing with friends tends to make a game better, and that very much holds true in Gears 5. Offering a few game modes like Arcade and Classic Quickplay, the player has a few options on what type of matches they can play.

But the real bread and butter of these game modes are the game types. In Team Deathmatch, for example, players need to kill off another group of players to win the round. In Arms Race players need to perform several kills with specific weapon types. King of the Hill? This will require players to capture and protect various capture points from another team. With there being so many game types, there is bound to be something that is to everyone’s fancy. There’s even a ranked mode so players are pitted against other players of a similar skill level. Playing with friends to get as high of a rank as possible is one way to spend some time.

Try Escape Mode in Gears 5

Gears 5 Escape Mode

While the other game modes may seem familiar to veteran players, Escape stands out as a newcomer. The premise is simple: escape the swarm hive before time runs out. It is a frantic and fast-paced experience that can be played with friends as players attempt to beat both swarm enemies and the timer.

But aside from the fast-paced action, there is also some content for players who lean toward the creative side. In addition to playing standard maps, Escape mode also allows the player to play on custom maps. This means that if the player wants to create a map that is specifically made for their own preferences, then they can do that with the map editor provided in the game. Want to create a map that is absurdly confusing? Players can make that. Want to create a map that is easy for newcomers? Players can make that too. Want to create something that will provide a decent challenge? Put some time in and it can surely be made.

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Gears 5 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC

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