How Loud Microsoft’s New Console Really Is


The Xbox Series X is typically a quiet console, but some users have reported issues with loud noises coming from their consoles since release.

The Xbox Series X released worldwide last week, but some users are experiencing strange and loud noises coming from Microsoft’s new console already. This has caused some alarm, with prospective and current owners wondering if their console will start running loudly too. Assuming that doesn’t happen, though, how loud is the Xbox Series X, really?

Microsoft’s newest flagship console, the Xbox Series X, released worldwide on November 10th. Since then, the console has sold incredibly well, with over 1 million units sold on launch day. While the Xbox One (and Xbox 360) was sometimes criticized for how loud it ran, with the noise typically attributed to the console’s fan, the Xbox Series X appears to run very quietly. It’s just one of the ways the Series X has made technological leaps from past Xbox consoles.

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Before the new console even released, Microsoft touted the Xbox Series X as a console that ran smoothly and quietly. Early reviewers echoed these claims, and it seemed like the Series X was the quietest Xbox ever. In fact, the Xbox Series X runs impressively quietly, which has been a major source of praise for the new console. However, over the course of the past few days, some users reported the console running very loudly.

Why The Xbox Series X May Be Running Loudly

Xbox Series X Loud Noises


Not long after the Xbox Series X released, some users began reported loud humming and clicking noises coming from the console. These loud noises coming from the Xbox Series X appeared to be coming from the disk drive, and some users wondered if it was faulty. However, so far, the noises don’t seem to cause additional problems. The Xbox Series X runs fine – it’s just incredibly loud for those few users. So far, it’s unclear what’s causing the problem, but it does not seem to be terribly common, which is good news for players who have already order or are still expecting to buy an Xbox Series X console this holiday season.

Although the loud humming and clicking noises coming from the Xbox Series X remains a mystery for now, it’s not too much cause for alarm. Most users have experienced a quiet console without any strange sounds. It may simply be a manufacturing issue with a certain batch of consoles, and it doesn’t seem to affect the majority of Xbox Series X systems.

While any reports of loud noises are a cause for some concern, the infrequency of these reports shouldn’t discourage prospective buyers from purchasing an Xbox Series X, since most consoles haven’t had that problem. For the most part, the Xbox Series X is extremely quiet – to the extent where it appears to be Microsoft’s most silent console yet.

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