How to Beat The Vanguard in Demon’s Souls (Tutorial Boss)


Vanguard is the earliest boss players can fight in Demon’s Souls. This guide will assist players in how to defeat the boss and explain what happens.

Vanguard, the tutorial boss, is meant to set the standard of Demon’s Souls. This guide will show how players can defeat it. Demon’s Souls is the original title to begin the trend of challenging modern titles. Every game moving forward has been compared to “Souls” titles as a measurement of how challenging the game is. Titles like Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy and Cuphead have been regarded as the “Souls” version of their respective genres. Demon’s Souls itself was recently given a full-blown remake as a launch title on the PlayStation 5, introducing a new generation of players to the title that started it all. Here’s how players can defeat the tutorial boss, Vanguard.

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For starters, Vanguard is designed to defeat the player within a few hits. Losing to this boss will continue the game as normal. Although, players do have the option to defeat the boss if they are skilled enough. Upon defeating it, the player will be rewarded with a few hundred souls and a Grey Demon’s Soul. Players will then also be able to warp to the location of where the Dragon God is. They will be greeted to a cutscene of the Dragon God slamming its fist into the ground and instantly killing the player. The game will then continue as normal. While the prize is small, players are more so invested in the challenge of defeating Vanguard since they will begin with their beginner stats and weapons. Here’s how players can defeat it.

How To Defeat Vanguard (The Tutorial Boss) in Demon’s Souls

A player wields a sword in Demon's Souls


Vanguard will eliminate the player within 1 to 2 hits. The best way to go about defeating the boss would be to keep your distance and study its attack patterns. When it does one of its attacks, it will spend a short period of time recharging. This is the best time to get some hits in before moving away. Make sure to time these attack windows because getting too greedy will leave you in a tight spot. Repeat this slow process until it is defeated. It will take a while due to the lack of stat boost this early into the game.

Demon’s Souls defined the PlayStation 3 era and continued to show its lasting power through the PlayStation 4 era. Titles like Sekiro and Bloodborne all have Demon’s Souls to thank for laying down the groundwork for them. The PlayStation 5 remake builds the game from the ground up and shares this thrilling adventure with an all-new generation. This is one of the best titles to invest in early for the PlayStation 5.

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Demon’s Souls is available now on PlayStation 5.

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