How to Play Cops and Robbers in Among Us (Custom Mini-Game)


The simple format for Among Us makes it easy for the community to customize the experience and create new mini-games, like Cops and Robbers.

The traditional format of the massively popular party game Among Us is likely second nature to fans and players. The 2018 social deduction game by InnerSloth brought friends together while they were apart during stay-at-home orders due to the pandemic, and the relatively simple format manages to provide a slightly different experience every time. The format of Among Us also lends itself to innovation, and players in the community have found new ways to change up the game’s format and encourage more cooperation by creating their own custom mini-games. Two popular options are Hide-and-Seek, and Cops and Robbers.

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To play Cops and Robbers in Among Us, all the players in a lobby will need to be on board and cooperate with the house rules, since the game does not officially support this mode. This is the kind of mini-game players should attempt with friends or family rather than in random lobbies, just to make sure everyone plays nicely. In this mini-game, each map is imagined as a prison, and Impostors are the cops. The crewmates, meanwhile, are the robbers trying to escape. One room becomes a holding cell, where the only way out is to be rescued by a fellow crewmate/robber. If players are looking to shake up their game or lobby, here’s everything to know about playing Cops and Robbers in Among Us.

How to Play Cops and Robbers in Among Us

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At the start of a game of Cops and Robbers in Among Us, the lobby host will want to modify the settings to make sure there is only one Impostor, or, one cop. The cop, with the powers of Impostor, can enter the Vent and count to ten over the group’s voice chat service of choice. The crewmates as robbers will all need to find a place to hide, or can simply start running around the map.

To escape the prison, the crewmate robbers must finish all their tasks. They can’t begin working on tasks until the countdown is completed and the cop has left the Vent. If one of the robbers is caught by the cop, they will need to go with the cop to the Security room, which serves as a holding cell. They are not allowed to leave the Security room until another robber comes and breaks them out. Voice chat will be imperative here, because each free robber can only break one robber out of security at a time.

The lobby host will need to set a long cooldown for the cop’s kills, or players will need to agree to set a timer. Every 2 minutes, the cop is allowed to execute one robber to prevent their escape and make it harder for the robbers to win. The cop can’t execute or capture a robber if the robber is in one of the two safe zones denoted on the map.

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The lobby host can and should limit vision for both Impostors and crewmates prior to the start of the game. This will make it more difficult for both the cops and the robbers to see each other and add to the element of surprise. It will also make the game more challenging.

Crewmates, or, robbers, will win if they manage to escape by completing all their tasks before the cop can put them all in Security or execute them. The cop will win if they manage to put down the jailbreak by capturing or killing every robber.

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Among Us is available for PC, Android, and iOS devices.

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