How to Unlock New Heroic Beyond Light Public Event


There’s a new public event in Destiny 2: Beyond light called the Crux of Convergence. Defeat the Fallen Brigs and their drones to make it Heroic.


Destiny 2 heroic public events are for one thing and one thing only, better loot. Sometimes, quests may mandate players to complete a heroic public event but these tend to be a little rare. Beyond Light introduces a brand new public event and of course, a Heroic version of it to fight for.

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The name of this public event is called the Crux of Convergence. A diamond-shaped floating object appears at the start of the event, just like the ones we’ve been seeing since last season. These floating objects are obelisks, some kind of object deployed by the darkness ships. The fallen are attracted to these things like moths to a flame but instead, it’s the guardians who’ll be doing the burning. Here’s how to start a heroic version of the public event.

How to Make Crux of Convergence Heroic in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Destiny 2 - Fallen Brig Event


Just shoot everything until it blows up. Just kidding, but actually, that’s kind of how it works. At the start of the event, 3 fallen brigs will descend onto the area and start attacking players. They have these dense purple shields that don’t go away unless players capture the zone below a Crux. Missiles raining from the sky, and ground enemies will do everything in their power to keep players away from the crux’s, so keep moving and avoid the brigs suppressing fire. After capturing it, one of the Brig’s shields will drop and players can light it up to their heart’s content until there’s nothing left but scrap metal. Do this 3 times in a row and that’ll be the end of the regular public event.

Making it heroic is actually kind of similar to the black armory forge activity. There are some drones floating around the crux, scanning it for the Fallen. Players have to shoot all 3 drones around the Crux each time one appears. After the third crux appears and all the drones are down, kill the last brig and the event will transition into Heroic. A much larger brig will drop onto the battlefield, leaving only one thing left to do, kill it. The Brig has a face-plate that can be removed after taking enough damage. Behind the faceplate reveals a critical point that will increase the amount of damage it takes and force it to die much faster. After defeating this enormous boss, players will have completed the Heroic event and received loot adequate for the completion. Players will have known they did it right when the information changes from “Crux of Convergence” to “Fallen Brigs” on the left side of the screen.

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Destiny 2 is available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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