Is Serpent Taye Diggs Or Leslie Odom Jr.?


With a double elimination looming on The Masked Singer season 4, fans of the show still can’t agree on which celebrity singer Serpent is.

This week on The Masked Singer season 4, two members of group B will have to reveal their identities following a double elimination. Fans are pretty sure they know who is under the Serpent mask, but could they be wrong?

A lot of fans are convinced that Serpent is Leslie Odom Jr. since the very first promo had a small snippet of his singing. The overwhelming number of Hamilton clues seem to support that theory. However, we’ve had an alternate theory that it could also possibly be another Broadway performer. Many of the clues also fit actor Taye Diggs. Some other The Masked Singer fans are convinced that Serpent is social media celebrity Elvis Francois, who is also known as the Singing Surgeon. Who fits the clues more, and what else do we have to help determine Serpent’s identity?

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So, the latest clues Serpent had included a comment about barely being able to make rent when he started out. Diggs was in the movie Rent, and also starred in the Broadway play. The problem with this is that Odom Jr. did too. There was an origami palm tree. This could link to either star, as many have noted the links to the Caribbean, which was Hamilton’s birthplace. However, Leslie Odom Jr. played Aaron Burr who was born in Newark, New Jersey (entirely coincidentally, that’s where Diggs was born.) Diggs’ breakout role was in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, where he played a Jamaican man.


The scrubs fit Diggs well, along with the other medical clues from previous clue packages, because he starred in Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-off, Private Practice. The medical clues and the croissant are what made many think of the Internet’s famous singer, Dr. Elvis Francois. However, Odom Jr. also played a doctor in Murder on the Orient Express. The $2 clues are very vague. Odom Jr. is having his second child. Diggs was born on January 2nd. A baby bottle clue could point to either, as both are fathers. However, that clue might point more towards Odom, who is currently expecting his second child. Previous clues were equally confusing. A clue that showed Serpent Sr. seems to point towards Odom Jr. All of the Hamilton clues seem to point more towards the Hamilton actor as well.

There was a book with “dig” in the title that could point to Diggs. The first clue package had a book called How to Dig Yourself Out of Debt. Many of the clues don’t seem to have a clear link to either of the actors or a very thin connection at best. Both men are talented and experienced singers. Both would fit the height and build of Serpent. Judges and fans have guessed Leslie Odom Jr. since the beginning. If the judges guessed correctly so early, it would be a first. The voice does sound a lot like him. Or perhaps the Hamilton clues are red herrings to keep us away from Diggs, who has starred in many Broadway shows, but not that one. Could it be wild card Elvis Francois? Or maybe, since this season has been so tough, and they’ve managed to stump us all twice, people will be completely shocked by The Masked Singer reveal? They were with Baby Alien. Hopefully, Serpent survives the double elimination. If so, we will have another week (and another set of clues), so we can keep trying to solve this one.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST on Fox.

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