Jackson Michie Totaled His Car & Got Blood On His Arm


Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie totaled his car and posted videos where he appeared to have a bloody arm. See pictures of what happened.

Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie totaled his car and posted videos where he appeared to have a bloody arm. After what was a mostly quiet first half of 2020, Jackson has reemerged on social media on an endless quest of being a more vulnerable and open person. He has recorded a series of videos recently where he reflected on past and current mistakes. He has also attempted to create a social media space where his followers feel like they’re part of his life (and vice versa). Jackson’s heartfelt Instagram and Snapchat videos have thus far covered a wide range of topics.

For one, Jackson Michie told his Instagram followers that he no longer recognizes his BB21 self. He also went into a deep retelling of what happened between him and Holly Allen. After all, the Big Brother 21 showmance endured the post-season curse and lasted for almost a year. But the couple then broke up around the summer of 2020, and Jackson has now explained – with plenty of details – why that happened. It is understood that these videos and statements are parts of a larger project that Jackson seems to be heading toward: documenting his life while he drives across the country in the pursuit of becoming a better man.

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Considering Jackson Michie’s plan to drive across the country in the near future, the Big Brother 21 winner announced recently that he was no longer tied to a rental lease. With that in mind, it seems like Jackson is currently moving from one location to another. But on Monday, November 16, Jackson took to his Snapchat to share a few short videos where he appeared to have crashed his car. In one of the clips, his arm was clearly very bloody. Jackson also showed the state of his totaled car, which hit a pole. Then, on Tuesday, November 17, Jackson posted a few Instagram Stories (seen below) where he clarified what happened and reshared the night-of clips that had been posted to Snapchat. As the story goes, Jackson greatly overpacked his car with stuff that he wanted to move to his new place. Then, as he attempted to make a sharp turn, a lot of that stuff landed on Jackson, disabling him from holding onto the steering wheel or even seeing what was in front of him.


Thankfully, Jackson clarified to his Big Brother fans right away that he was okay, and that his dog, Sahara, was not in the car with him when this happened. In fact, he admitted that he had deliberately left her behind because he had planned on overpacking the car with a lot of things. After this accident, Jackson confessed that this was probably not the best strategy to move his things. Nonetheless, he was still glad that he was alive and that Sahara wasn’t hurt in the process. Still, it was a very scary night for Jackson.

Jackson Michie has dedicated quite a bit of time to rebuild his reputation with the fans after he was so vehemently accused of having a toxic personality on Big Brother 21. And part of that journey has been Jackson showing a more vulnerable side of him on social media.

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