Julia Michaels Calls Out Haters On Twitter


Julia Michaels of The Voice is clapping back at haters on Twitter after she complimented singer Demi Lovato, tweeting, “Hate is so unattractive.”

Julia Michaels, pop star and celebrity advisor for The Voice, recently clapped back at haters on Twitter who were quick to criticize her praise of singer Demi Lovato. In a tweet and a series of replies to her followers, Michaels expressed her distaste for the feedback she received after complimenting Lovato, who she notably wrote songs for earlier in her career. Michaels is credited with co-writing “Fire Starter,” “Kingdom Come,” and “Waitin for You” with Lovato.

The Voice coach Gwen Stefani brought on Michaels to serve as her team’s advisor for the Battle Rounds in season 19. When Michaels recently complimented the singer for her appearance, critics of Lovato were quick to condemn her for her actions. In the past, Lovato herself has been the subject of scrutiny for allegedly insulting fellow singer Selena Gomez via an anonymous Instagram page. This ultimately led fans of Michaels to question why she would show support to Lovato.

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On November 16, Michaels finally took to Twitter and posted, “Hate is so unattractive,” in response to the backlash she started to receive. Her followers ultimately responded with mixed reactions to the tweet, with some people asking why Michaels was being criticized for simply complimenting a friend. Others continued to pile on the criticism, claiming Michaels should not be supporting Lovato after her alleged attacks on Gomez. By the end of the day, Michaels had had enough of the Twitter drama and logged off without adding further comment on the matter.

The celebrity advisor initially made her debut on The Voice back in season 14 when she was asked to be a Battle advisor for Adam Levine’s team. Since then, she has been a musical guest, and she now continues her role on the show, which is in season 19. The Battle Rounds are still continuing on The Voice, so fans will see more of Julia Michaels in coming episodes.

Michaels, who has established herself as a talented all-around musician, clearly has no problem speaking her mind and addressing controversy on social media. Whether it was the right decision to support Lovato, in particular, does not seem to be of concern to Michaels. At the end of the day, it comes down to women supporting other women, which many of Michaels’ followers pointed out in their replies to her tweet. It seems like that’s the positivity everyone wants to see a little more of in today’s world anyway.

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