Kathryn Dennis’ Age, Instagram & Net Worth


Southern Charm and Bravo fans would like to know how much Kathryn Dennis is actually worth and how old the mother of two is.

Fans of Southern Charm have always gravitated towards Kathryn Dennis, since she was always the most fashionable on the show, and her crazy antics also helped make for good TV. Now Bravo fans would like to know her age, where to find her on Instagram, and her net worth.

Kathryn recently made headlines after she decided to make her relationship Instagram official and debuted her new boyfriend, Chleb, on social media. Southern Charm has only just started and already Kathryn has put herself at the forefront of the drama. The fan-favorite has come under fire for spreading ugly rumors about former co-star Cameran Eubanks’ marriage. She currently is one of the main cast members on the newest season.

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Bravo viewers are already aware that the redhead will have to tackle her dark southern heritage and white privilege now that she’s dating a Black man. But now that the excitement surrounding the news of her relationship has died down, Bravo fans have moved on to wondering about a different topic: how much Kathryn Dennis is actually worth. According to Slice, the mother of two is worth over $800,000. The 29-year-old has her work cut out for her on the newest season, but fans are looking forward to seeing Kathryn in all her glory.

'Southern Charm' Kathryn Dennis and Senator Joseph Abruzzo


According to the outlet, Kathryn has one of the highest net worths of the entire Southern Charm cast. Even though fans have not seen the young socialite do much in terms of a career, she has earned income from more outlets than just the reality TV show. She is a descendant of John C Calhoun, the seventh Vice President of the United States of America. She is also the granddaughter of Rembert C Dennis, one of the most influential legislators of his time. He served in the South Carolina House of Representatives and the Senate. Before she got her big break on the hit show, she worked in small market modeling. Whilst on the show, she also worked at Gwynns, which is an expensive, local Charleston retail store. Although she does not work as a retail associate anymore, she does still work for the store as a brand ambassador, which fans can see via Kathryn’s Instagram. Even though she originally did not make the cut to be an official member of Southern Charm on the first season, she did appear as Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend and baby momma. Kathryn is said to earn about $25,000 per episode. Most recently, Kathryn Dennis and her daughter, Kensie, jumped back into the small market modeling.

The cast of Southern Charm is set to deal with the worldwide pandemic whilst also trying to hang onto their strained friendships. So far, fans have thoroughly enjoyed watching Patricia Altschul UV light all her Amazon packages for possible contaminants.

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