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Netflix’s latest supernatural horror series Paranormal concluded with a strange ending that reveals major twists which could impact season 2.

WARNING: Major spoilers for Paranormal season 1 ahead

Netflix’s 2020 supernatural mystery, Paranormal, concluded with unexpected twists and even the devil, but left viewers wondering what the ending means for the future of the series. Paranormal is adapted from an Arabic language Egyptian novel series titled Ma Waraa Al Tabiaa and tells the story of Dr. Refaat Ismail (Ahmed Amin), a hematology professor whose past comes back to haunt him in bizarre and unsettling ways. As it progresses, Paranormal’s supernatural themes grow increasingly prevalent to the point that they create a major twist ending; here’s exactly what happened in the Paranormal season 1 finale.

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Set in 1960s Egypt, Refaat wakes up on his birthday to discover that a past lover has returned from Scotland. After attending a birthday dinner among family and his wife-to-be, the supernatural starts to infiltrate every aspect of his life. He teams up with Maggie Mckillop (Razane Jammal) to uncover why he is at the center of the paranormal. The series premiered on November 5, 2020 on Netflix, only a few short weeks after the release of Mike Flanagan’s latest installment of his The Haunting series, The Haunting Of Bly Manor. Due to the fact that they share similar themes of ghosts and the otherworldly, Paranormal has been compared to the The Turn Of The Screw adaptation since it was made available for viewers. Yet, they share far more differences than they do similarities.

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Paranormal offers an array of themes that come from several genres, including detective mysteries like Enola Holmes, thrillers, and horror. They all merge together to create an unforgettable and unique story unlike anything that Netflix currently offers. The series received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both fans and critics. Paranormal has yet to be renewed for season 2, but based on its reception, an announcement for renewal may happen in the near future. Beyond that, the ending of Paranormal season 1 provided plenty of ground to stand on that could lead into season 2, such as who Shiraz really is and a big reveal about the devil himself.

Paranormal Ending Explained

Ahmed Amin in Paranormal on Netflix


As Refaat returns to the location where his encounters with the supernatural all began, he is bombarded with the realization that he may have lost everyone he has ever cared for. When he sees the bodies of his friends hanging, he chooses to take his own life. After Maggie enters the house that he once played hide and seek in, he is brought back to the real world where he discovers that it was all an illusion. In that moment, the ghostly girl from Refaat’s past possesses Maggie to inform him the truth behind all of the supernatural events that have plagued his life.

Shiraz explains to him that it has all been the work of the devil, who is then revealed to be Louis — a once-trusted colleague. Lucifer wants to take Refaat’s life for unknown reasons, and wants the knowledge that he holds within him. This event perfectly sets up Paranormal season 2, but it’s also a very complicated conclusion that creates more questions than it provides answers. While audiences now know that Shiraz is gone and was not the center of the paranormal threats against Refaat, it appears that his life will find peace now that he doesn’t have to deal with the paranormal. The major reveal that Louis is Lucifer, however, means there could be even more demonic energy headed his way. Shiraz cannot protect him and Maggie has returned to Scotland. At the end, Refaat is all alone in Egypt without anyone who truly understands what this could mean regarding his survival.

Who Shiraz Really Is Explained

Paranormal 2020 Netflix

When Refaat was a child, he found a little girl—dressed in all white—named Shiraz in an abandoned mansion. He knew there was something strange about her, but didn’t know exactly what it was. In episode 6, “The Myth Of The House: The Return”, her origins are revealed in flashback sequences. Shiraz was once trapped in a cell beneath the house. When her friend, Ibrahim, set the home on fire in the hope that it would bring attention to her captivity and someone would set her free, it all backfired. Refaat read this all in a confession. Ibrahim returned to the house in hopes of freeing Shiraz’s spirit and seeking forgiveness, but never got it. With the knowledge that her remains are still on the property, Refaat breaks through to find them and release her spirit.

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Shiraz is the illegitimate granddaughter of Al Khadrawy. Why she’s trapped underneath the house is unknown, but it is presumably due to the fact that the family appears to be one of the wealthiest in town; her existence could affect their public image. As the house burns to the ground, Ibrahim yells for them to free Shiraz and her mother screams to save her, except Al Khadrawy won’t let her go back into the home to save her child. It is a gut-wrenching scene that explains why Shiraz remains at the mansion as a spirit and why she’s so protective over Refaat. When she first met him when he was a child, the two shared a unique kind of love. In fact, Maggie refers to Refaat’s first love as being a ghost. Shiraz was his first love, and she would do anything to save him by doing whatever she can to prevent Louis from causing him harm.

Paranormal’s Twist Ending & What It Means For Season 2

Razane Jammal and Ahmed Amin in Paranormal on Netflix

With the major twist that Shiraz has passed onto the other side and Louis is actually the devil in human form, Refaat faces an all new set of threats for Paranormal season 2, if the series is renewed. When he opens an envelope that contains the devil tarot card, it alludes to the fact he will experience different types of supernatural evils in the future. The collection of novels Paranormal is based on includes various stories about vampires, werewolves, cannibalism, zombies, and beyond, but one installment from the books could predict what Paranormal season 2 will be about.

The fact that Refaat pulls out a tarot card could mean that Paranormal season 2 will be based on the twentieth novel in the series, Tales Of The Tarot. It is referred to as one of the “horror circles,” which are special episodic editions that feature several short stories. This one in particular takes place in New York, meaning that the location could change in Paranormal season 2. After paranormal experts do a tarot reading on Rafeet, he is immersed into the mysteries of an occultist secret society. Lucifer/Louis will play a major role considering his consistent use of tarot cards in season 1. He could even pose as the occultist who performs his tarot card reading in New York if they choose to change the setting when the series continues.

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