Pokémon GO Adds Legendary Lake Spirits & Shiny Goldeen Next Week


Pokémon GO is hosting the Lake Legends event next week, which will add the three Legendary Spirits and Goldeen’s Shiny form to the game.

Next week, Pokémon GO is hosting the Lake Legends event, which will bring three Legendary Pokémon back into raid rotations and add Goldeen’s Shiny form to the game. This Pokémon GO event also features a number of water-type Pokémon that will spawn more frequently, making it the perfect event for fans of Psyduck or Magikarp.

Pokémon GO has made a habit of hosting frequent in-game events that highlight different Pokémon or types. These events help keep the game fresh and allow players the chance to catch different Legendaries. One of the highlights of these events is that they sometimes add new Shiny Pokémon to Pokémon GO. While every Pokémon has a Shiny form in the mainline Pokémon games, these Shiny forms are only added periodically to Pokémon GO. This makes the release of a Shiny Pokémon feel like a special event in and of itself.

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The Lake Legends event will see the return of the three Lake Trio, also known as the Lake Guardians. These Legendaries are Azelf, Uxie, and Mespirit. First introduced in the Sinnoh region, these Pokémon will appear in Max Raids from November 24 to November 30. However, these Legendaries are region locked, which means different Lake Spirits will appear exclusively in different parts of the world. Thankfully, Pokémon GO allows players to use Remote Raid Passes to join players’ raids no matter where they are located.

In addition to the Legendary Lake Trio, Pokémon GO is adding Goldeen’s Shiny form to the game. Goldeen is a Gen 1 water-type fish whose Shiny form turns the gold portion of its body red. While normally found near water, players can use incense to attract Goldeen more frequently for the duration of the event. Goldeen, and other water types, will also hatch from eggs. For players that can get out and play, these water-types will also appear more often in the wild. While the Lake Trio will leave after the event’s end, Goldeen’s Shiny form is here to stay.

Even when the new Shiny is something as unexciting as Goldeen, it’s still nice to have another Shiny available in the game. Shiny collectors are always looking for their next hunt, and Goldeen can be added to that list. As well, Pokémon GO is one of the easiest ways to obtain the Lake Trio. While players will only have one locally, playing with other online beats having to hunt them down in Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl as they roam around the map.

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