PS5 Invades Real-World London With Cool PlayStation Symbol Signs


The signs for the London Underground at Oxford Circus have received a dazzling PlayStation makeover ahead of the PS5 UK launch tomorrow.

Ahead of Sony’s PlayStation 5 UK launch tomorrow, the streets of London have been bedecked with an array of cool PlayStation symbol signs. For residents of the United Kingdom, the long wait for the PlayStation 5 is nearly over. Having to wait an extra week after Sony’s new generation launch in the United States has been hard for many, but PlayStation and Sony have rewarded the Brits’ patience with an awesome new light display in Oxford Circus.

The PlayStation 5 has already been a huge success, selling six times more than the Xbox Series X/S in Japan in the first days of its launch. This may well be due to the awesome range of games and exclusives available on the PS5 – There is no denying that, of all the new titles out there, Sony trumped Microsoft on the platform exclusives. Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls launched alongside the PS5, and both games have gone to receive rave reviews with critics. Then, of course, there is the charming Astro’s Playroom, which comes with every PS5 purchase to show gamers the ropes of their new console.

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And now, finally, the Great British public will have a chance to join in the fun, with the PlayStation 5 releasing on the shores of Blighty tomorrow. To commemorate this momentous occasion, Sony has lit up Oxford Circus in London with the iconic PlayStation control symbols, to dazzling affect. The circle, triangle, cross and square button prompts have humorously replaced the iconic London Underground tube signs with bright illuminations, and they fit in remarkably well with their surroundings. Perhaps most notably, and amusingly, is the square underground sign, which takes its place proudly outside one of Microsoft’s London stores.

Sales of videogames in general have gone through the roof this year. This is in no small part due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has been linked to the rise in videogame popularity. As more people are staying at home, they are finding new and creative ways to entertain themselves and connect with other people. Thankfully, the world of gaming gives players endless opportunities to explore exotic locales all from the comfort of the sofa, keeping players safe.

This trend is sure to continue on its upward path tomorrow, when eager gamers from the UK will finally get the chance to join those across the sea and experience the awesomeness of the PlayStation 5. As the days are getting shorter and colder, and with many parts of Great Britain still being in lockdown, the escapism provided from the new generation of gaming will be a welcome sight for many.

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