Secretlab’s World of Warcraft Alliance Edition Chair Review: Royal Comfort


Secretlab’s World of Warcraft Alliance Edition chair has incredible quality with a keen eye for detail – and it doesn’t look too ostentatious either.

There’s something to be said for the classics, and that’s why Secretlab has partnered with World of Warcraft to produce two chairs that will immediately appeal to diehard fans of Blizzard’s MMORPG. Instead of focusing on the upcoming World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion, though, Secretlab has wisely chosen to tap into an age-old argument that continues to rage across every World of Warcraft forum and social media discussion to this day.

The result of that sage decision is the Secretlab Alliance Edition and Secretlab Horde Edition chairs. For those with a passion for adventuring or a long-time connection to Azeroth, it’s hard to argue with the idea that these are the premium item to solidify that love and announce it to the world, even though World of Warcraft has also seen a partnership with Blue release a must-own WoW microphone in the same calendar year.

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Spoiled for choice as they are, World of Warcraft fans will still want to strongly consider adding a Secretlab Alliance Edition or Secretlab Horde Edition to their home. These chairs come in two models, Secretlab OMEGA and Secretlab TITAN, and are available for pre-order now. Those relatively familiar with premium gaming items will remember that the Secretlab Cyberpunk 2077 Edition chair was well-received by critics, and it will come as no surprise that the Secretlab Alliance Edition chair is the same – though it also comes with the upside of being a little less loud overall. Screen Rant was sent a Secretlab Alliance Edition Titan chair, and we’ve been impressed with a build quality complemented by an aesthetic that looks regal while still avoiding spilling over into an ostentatious sort of presentation.

Secretlab World Warcraft Alliance Horde Edition


As illustrated above, neither design of the Secretlab World of Warcraft collaboration shy away from the faction they’re meant to represent. Putting aside aesthetic for a moment, however, it’s important to note that first and foremost, Secretlab Titan chairs succeed at what they’re meant to do: support the user with a blend of flexibility and durability that is unmatched in its price range. The Secretlab Alliance Edition chair is no different, offering the same quality that fans have come to expect from the brand.

In testing the Titan, the biggest takeaway is the way it supports the back. This reviewer has a number of different back issues that can be plagued from simple tasks like sitting down on an uncomfortable chair or maintaining bad posture for short periods of time, and the Secretlab Alliance Edition chair helps alleviate both those issues almost immediately. By no means is it chiropractic, but the support it offers helps prevent worsening any issues that would be exacerbated by less ergonomically-minded chairs. In particular, the lumbar support and multi-tilt mechanism are both life savers for those who shift and squirm in their chair over long periods of time.

Another element of the Secretlab Alliance Edition chair that impressed is just how sturdy it feels at any given time. Its arm rests could withstand a lot of weight being pressed onto them without feeling shaky, the chair itself has a considerable weight to it that makes it feel durable, and the materials it is made with – especially the leather upholstery – seemed to weather a cat leaping up onto them during a full 2am sprint about as well as one could expect. While it should come as no surprise given the price point Secretlab Titan chairs come in at, we’d still say this chair delivers on its value and then some.

Secretlab World Warcraft Alliance Chair Back

User mileage will vary on aesthetic, but for our money, the Secretlab Alliance Edition chair is the best option out of the two on offer. While the Secretlab Cyberpunk 2077 Edition chair was flashy to the point its color combination may have been a little off-putting depending on a consumer’s set-up and the Horde Edition has a bright red and black look that is reminiscent of a gaming laptop that wants people to know it’s a gaming laptop, the Alliance Edition has just a little bit more subtlety. Obviously, gold trim and a lion’s head aren’t exactly low-key, but they worked quite well in an office space that featured multiple pieces of fantasy art from properties like Magic: The Gathering and neutral colors for its wall and ceiling paint selection.

That’s a big deal for some, because the Secretlab Alliance Edition doesn’t trade its identity to work in a bit more of a subdued setting. Instead, the blue and gold color scheme simply looks gorgeous and screams top quality from the top of its lungs, with the trim surrounding the Alliance banner on the back of the chair and its smaller iteration on the front making for some intricate linework. The Alliance logo feels great just by running a hand over it, and looks absolutely gorgeous on its own before even factoring in how nicely the blue of the chair complements its appearance.

For any World of Warcraft fan with an interest in serving the Alliance, the Secretlab Alliance Edition chair is a must-own. It’s very likely players who are more interested in the Horde will likewise find the Secretlab Horde Edition chair an equally desirable purchase – and a better-looking design, supported by the fact that Horde supporters won every contest Secretlab hosted in conjunction with the World of Warcraft collaboration being made public. Secretlab has shown an eye for understanding what makes different demographics of video game fans tick, and that’s on full display with both chairs here.

Secretlab World Warcraft Chairs

For anyone who loves World of Warcraft, the Secretlab Alliance & Horde Edition chairs offer an incredible way of showing that off while also giving fans the kind of functionality and comfort that can help justify an otherwise high-end purchase. The build quality alone makes it hard to sit in a cheap chair again after enjoying the Secretlab Titan. That, combined with the many different adjustable components that allow for personal configurations and a reputation for durability that will see the chair last for years under good conditions, makes it hard to argue with anyone who is interested in picking up a Secretlab Alliance & Horde Edition chair. Just remember to choose wisely on factions – only one of them has that gorgeous gold aesthetic, after all.

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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands launches on November 23, 2020 for PC.

Source: Secretlab

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